Journey through the Old Testament: Ezekiel and the Dry Bones

Journey through the Old Testament: Ezekiel and the Dry Bones

This year, we’re making our way through the Old Testament, highlighting key passages and stories along the way.   The idea is to help kids understand the divisions of the Bible and to navigate through the Old Testament a little better.  Currently, we’re on the books of prophecy. Last week was our introduction to the prophets and this week, we’ll be diving into Ezekiel.
I picked Ezekiel because he’s a little off the beaten path (something new for highly churched kids) and the I’ve always thought the valley of dry bones was an interesting passage.  However, as I was reading through the book of Ezekiel in preparation for this week’s lesson, I remembered that there are many parts that are not “G” rated, so tread lightly!
For our group, we’ll be concentrating on Ezekiel 37.  As we learned last week in our introduction, Ezekiel was a prophet in Babylon, after the Israelites had been carried away and were living in exile.   He lived about the same time as Daniel.  Ezekiel was given many visions from God and interestingly, was asked to demonstrate many of God’s messages by acting them out to for the people.

Large Group Ideas

I happened across a visual talk from a pastor via this video (below).  While I certainly can’t draw like this guy (check out my really bad pictures of the Bible), but I do like the way he made the bodies stand up, so I might give something like that a go as I tell the story this week.  I’ll also be pulling a few ideas from these lessons at the Resource well. 

Small Group Ideas

Looking for some crafts, games, and activities to go along with the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones?  Read on, my friend!

Dem Bones Review Game

Post-Ezekiels-Bones pic: Ezekiel's Bones: A Fun Bible Activity for Kids

This game is put together by the Scripture lady and requires a bit of set up, but would create some great competition amongst the kids. Basically, the idea is to flip skeleton puzzle pieces over to reveal a human body.  Each correctly answered review question is rewarded with flipping a piece.  You can read all about it and get some review questions here.  If you don’t want to do review questions, you could also assign each piece a number and have teams roll a dice to see who can “flip the skeleton” first.

Sneak in some Science

Human Skeleton coloring page

For the older kids, you could sneak in some science fun as you race to label a skeleton.  Find the above pictured coloring page from Crayola.

Dry Bones Live Again!

Ezekiel Dry Bones Craft Stick Bible Craft for Sunday School

Using some spay paint and dog bones, you can make this cute display from Danielle’s place.  Find the full instructions and other Ezekiel ideas on her page.

Bone Dig


Crafting the Word of God blog suggests hiding some bones in a box (or sterilite container) full of sand and have kids search for them.  I picked up a Bag of Bones on Amazon for $7, but I’m sure if you checked the party stores, you might be able to find them a little cheaper.

Make Your Own Bones


Older kids might enjoy making their own plaster bones… though I have to admit, the whole craft seems a little bit creepy.  If you like it though, head on over to Martha Stewart for full instructions.  Inner Child fun also has a great tutorial using the instructions from Martha Stewart.

What Do Your Bones Look Like?

A little less creepy, but just as memorable is this craft from Almost Unschoolers.  Get all the instructions in this blog post.

That should get you started!  To find a few more ideas, check out my Old Testament prophets Pinterest board!

Our Plan for the Prophets

Week 2: Ezekiel (this post)
May 13th: Daniel
May 20th: Jonah 
May 27th: Review Night
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