Journey Through the Old Testament: Jonah

Journey Through the Old Testament: Jonah

We’re on the verge of wrapping up our series on the Old Testament during our midweek program.  We’ve covered the Books of the Law, the Books of History, Books of Poetry and finally, the Books of Prophecy.  You can check out most of our former posts here.
For this week, we’ll be covering a well-loved story: Jonah and the big fish.  I just heard from Albert Tate at the Gathering about the book of Jonah, so it’s fun to be bringing the same message to the kids.

Large Group Time

I love the book from Kelly Pulley about Jonah, called Food for a Fish: The Whopping Story of Jonah and the Whale, so I’m planning on using that during my large group presentation.

I’ll also probably use this video (below) to recap the story from the kids.

God’s Story: Jonah from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Small Group Time

Hide and Seek with Jonah

Jonah tries to run away from God and hide from Him.  Of course, we know that nothing can be hidden from God.  Play a game of hide and seek with the kids, either assigning one child to be “Jonah” or using a small figure to represent Jonah (if you’re in a small space). Have one child hide the figure while the rest close their eyes and see who can find “Jonah” first.   Remind the kids that we cannot hide anything from God.

Rock the Fish (Tune of Row Your Boat)

This is a fun little tune the youngest kids in your group (preschool) might enjoy (from ABC Jesus Loves Me).

Rock, rock, rock the fish
Jonah is inside
He tried to run from God
But God won’t leave his side.

Craft Time

In this Pinterest Board, there are plenty of fun fish-themed crafts for the Jonah story  (this is another packed with Jonah stuff). I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

Jonah inside the Fish from Sunday School Resources

Paper Plate Fish

Jonah inside Fish by Creative Learning Fun

Object Lessons

This lesson from Ministry to Children helps kids see the cause and effect relationship of their sin on others by using dominoes.  There are a few other great visual ideas as well.  Check it out here!

Domino Books of the Bible Review Game

Game: What Did the Big Fish Eat?

The big fish has swallowed many things including Jonah. Your children answer questions and then reach into the fishes mouth and pull out a piece of paper with a picture of something the fish has swallowed. They will be amazed and entertained by all the different things he has eaten. The child who pulls out the picture of Jonah wins.  Find templates and instructions at Danielle’s Place.

That’s it for now!

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