Journey through the Old Testament: Review Night

Journey through the Old Testament: Review Night

We’ve reached the end of the Old Testament during our midweek program with the kids and it’s time for a review night!  Here’s our schedule for the night:
  • 6:30 Welcome, Announcements
  • 6:35 Kids’ Sunday Songs
  • 6:40 Jeopardy Game
  • 7:00 Books of the Bible Game
  • 7:05 Stations
  • 7:20 Free Play
  • 7:25 Tables/Snack

Station #1 Sticky Notes

This game is inspired by a game over at Danielle’s Place.  Begin by writing all the books of the Old Testament (or whatever you’re reviewing), one on each sticky note.  Stick the notes on the wall. When you get a contestant, remove  some of the sticky notes from the wall and put them on a nearby table (a good rule of thumb is remove the same number of sticky notes as the child’s age).  Make sure to mix it up a bit as you remove books (don’t take them all from the same row).  Now, set the timer for one minute and have the child replace the sticky notes in the correct order.   If kids win, hand over a gold treasure coin and a give a cheer!
Books of the Bible Post It Game  (2)

Station #2 Bible Charades

This classic game is sure to get kids shouting and engaged.  Grab a dry erase board and some markers along with a set of Bible charade cards.  You can make your own or find some here or here.  For our review night, we’ll only be using Old Testament clues.
Pictionary  (Old Testament Review Night)

Station #3 Cup Stacking

Everyone loves a cup stacking challenge!  In this version, kids must stack 39 cups in the order of the Old Testament.
Cup Stacking Books of the Bible  (3)
You can go across and then stack up or use heavier plastic cups like When You Rise (pictured below).   If you stack across, you’ll need 9 across and you’ll end up with 4 across the top.

Station #4 Books of the Bible Bingo

A classic game in our review nights.  You can get cards at Free Bible Printables and we usually use those little stones from the dollar store to cover up the cards.
Bingo (Sunday School Games)

Station #5 Book Ball

Get the full instructions for this game over at Lifeway.  Instead of the fans they suggest, you could also use hockey sticks or some other “club” type instrument to push the balls in.  To up the excitement, have kids race against the clock (one minute per turn) to get the balls into their proper category.  Again, I would go with the same number of balls as the child’s age or maybe double the number of balls if it seems too easy.  For my team, there are already ping pong balls with Old Testament books on them in the office.
Book Ball (Old Testament Review Night)

Station #6 Clothespin Sort

Have kids race against the clock (one minute turns) to see how many clothespins they can put in order in this game.  Idea comes from Teaching Help.  (A note to my team members, we do have clothespins all prepped for this game).
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