How to Keep Christ in Christmas with Truth in the Tinsel

How to Keep Christ in Christmas with Truth in the Tinsel

It’s that time of year again — when the rushing begins and the lists never end and somewhere in all that hurry and scurry, we try to help our children remember (and sometimes ourselves!) what Christmas is truly all about.   There’s a bunch of terrific daily devotional books out there, but with kids — sometimes a hands-on experience is really what it takes.   That’s why I LOVE Truth in the Tinsel — it’s a perfect way to stay centered on Christ without adding a bunch of extra stuff to your plate.

In this e-book, there are quick devotionals, scripture reading, and a small craft to do each day.  Most of the supplies are things

littlest one is 2 years old and I’m excited to be sharing this festive experience with her.  If you want some ideas on how to adapt the crafts for infants and toddlers, check out this post of some of our earlier experiences.  You can also check out our highlights from years past (see links below).

you probably already have in your house.  If not, a quick trip to the Dollar Tree should do the trick (you needed to grab some wrapping paper and tape anyway!).

We did this book when my oldest kids were around 2 and 3 and they loved it.  Now my


I would encourage you to grab the e-book now — start browsing through it and start throwing some supplies in a box.  This is a great way to connect after school with your kids or a way to bring the family together after dinner.


My Favorite Parts

Okay, want to hear my favorite parts about the book?  I’ll tell you a few, but I don’t want to give it all away!  Of course, I love the fact that each craft has a corresponding Scripture passage or story.  I also love the “do more together” feature.  This is perfect if you’ve a few extra minutes one day and want to make a really good memory with your kids.  I also love that the crafts are designed for the younger set, and there are parts of each ornament that even a toddler can participate in.

Some of my favorite crafts?

  • Mary and Elizabeth who have little pregnant bellies!
  • The city of Bethlehem made out of an egg carton.
  • The temple made out of an old Christmas card
  • The scented ornament made out of homemade dough.

Does it all seem like too much?

Don’t think you have enough time to do it all?  Amanda has a “just the basics” schedule with only 6 of the most important ornaments!

Grab Yours Today!

What are you waiting for?  Don’t let another Christmas season go by with you wishing that you had taken this opportunity to share the most important thing (Jesus) with your kids.  Grab your copy of the book today.  


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