#Kidmin13: Volunteers, Inspiration, and Family Ministry

#Kidmin13: Volunteers, Inspiration, and Family Ministry

Things are going great here at the Kidmin13 conference.  The convention center has great coffee and an entire room filled with Xorbee pillows. It’s been great meeting some blogger friends like Kathie from KidMinspiration as well as catch up with other kidmin friends like Gloria Lee and Wayne Stocks.  Of course, it was super exciting to see Thom and Joani Shultz and hear about their latest book and even get a sneak peak free chapter!   Of course, I love meeting new friends, so if you spot me — be sure to say hi!

Sipping Coffee at Kidmin13

I came to Kidmin13 with my friend and team member Paulette and have been having a blast hanging out with her!


I also ran into my Uncle Chuck and his kidmin team.  I didn’t even know he was coming, so it was a blast to see him and get to hang out a bit. Though, I was a little upset that he didn’t sit with me during Jonathon and Sam’s session.  🙂


As far as the learning goes (that is why I’m here I guess!), the speakers are inspiring and the workshops are informative and a lot of fun.  The sessions I attended today were:

  • Building a Volunteer Team by Dale Hudson
  • Church + Family + You by Jonathon Cliff and Sam Luce

All of these guys have terrific blogs (and will be be posting details about their sessions later this week), so I was excited to hear from them in person. You can find pictures of my notes below.  Dale was really inspiring and helpful as he explained the importance of casting the vision to volunteers (give them the “why” not the “what”).  Jonathon and Sam were a blast to listen to as they bantered back and forth and really played on each other’s strengths.  I’ve included links to their blogs at the bottom of this post.

Take a Look at the Notes (and comment with any questions!)

Dale Hudson: Building a Volunteer Team


Page 1 of 5: Building a Volunteer Team


Page 2 of 5: Building a Volunteer Team

For this page to fully make sense, you’ve got to check out the video Dale showed us.  Hoping to get a link for that soon!

Kidmin13 Notes

Page 3 of 5: Building a Volunteer Team

In the midst of this page, our table made a poster inviting members of our church to join the Children’s Ministry team.  I was amazed at some of the great ideas everyone came up with.  Check out Dale’s blog for pictures soon!


Page 4 of 5 (Building a Volunteer Team)


Page 5 of 5 (Building a Team)

We ran out of time at the end of the session, so details are pretty sparse, but Dale promised more details on his blog soon!

Jonathon Cliff and Sam Luce: Family Ministry


Page 1 of 5 (Family Ministry)

Family Ministry

Page 2 of 5 (Family Ministry)


Page 3 of 5 (Family Ministry)

Family MInistry

Page 4 of 5 (Family Ministry)


Page 5 of 5 (Family Ministry)

Check out the Blogs:

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