Kid’s Ministry Yearbook

Kid’s Ministry Yearbook

This year, at our Back to School Bash, we had kids fill out a Yearbook page.  The page has a spot for a picture, some questions about their school, likes, dislikes, some “Would you rather” questions, and some stuff about their hobbies and pets.  My friend Kristy took pictures of all the kids which we’ll insert onto the page and then make copies for everyone. We’ll hand them out just like a school yearbook and give kids a chance to sign autographs, etc.

It’s a great way to build community, allow kids to get to know each other a bit better, and give volunteers a little sneak peek into the kids’ lives.   You can either make copies on the church computer (the inexpensive way) or make do something real fancy at Kinko’s or Staples (the expensive way).  All depends on your preferences and budget.  This is the second year we did the yearbooks and they seem to be a real hit.

Click here to download the Yearbook Form to use in your own ministry!

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