Fun Ways to Get Kids Serving

Fun Ways to Get Kids Serving


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We’re always trying to think of some great service projects for kids to do that are meaningful yet easy to pull off. As an application for our “helping hands” lesson in our Appleseeds program, we’ve scheduled a free car wash for the community.  Here are some other ideas for service projects for kids or preteens.

Charity Guide lets you pick out volunteer opportunities you can do in 15 minutes, a few hours, or on vacation.  Some ideas include: Building Bluebird houses, walking dogs for shelters, or bake a birthday cake for an underpriviledged child.

Families with Purpose gives general ideas such as visiting the elderly, helping in soup kitchens, and organizing a Christmas gift drive.  They have a monthly newsletter you can sign up for which may give more ideas.  They also have a great recipe for dog biscuits that a local animal shelter might appreciate.

Kids Activities has different catagories for helping such as:

  • Literacy Based: Reading to kids at a day care, reading a newspaper to an elderly person, holding a used book sale
  • Hospital Based: Holding a fun band-aid drive, or a crayon and marker drive
  • Senior Citizens: Bring pets in for a visit (be sure to call ahead and ask!), play cards (go fish anyone?)

Kids Care Club offers newsletter with monthly ideas.  You have to register to sign up for them.

366 Community Service has different catagories as well such as: general ideas, on the calendar, neighborhood enhancements, children and family, safety and the environment.   Some of the ideas include designing a game for younger children, create a play that teaches younger kids about safety, make bird feeders for public places, and more.  This has lots of ideas.

Volunteer Match can also give ideas catered to your interests.  They even have “virtual opportunities”.  I typed in our zip code and got over 5 pages of volunteer opportunties in our neighborhood.  Not all of them were for kids, but you can certainly find a few great ideas.

What are some of your ideas?

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