Kids’ Sunday: The Day We Give the Service to the Kids

Kids’ Sunday: The Day We Give the Service to the Kids

Kids stood at the front door, proudly pushing it open with all their might as they saw guests and regular attenders approaching.  The push handle hovered right at their eye level, but that didn’t stop these kids from performing an important job.  They opened the door and shook hands with those who entered the church that day.
Kids Sunday
Not only were kids serving as greeters, but they were standing outside the sanctuary doors, passing out bulletins as well.  In fact, it seemed like kids had taken over all the jobs that morning.

Welcome to Kids’ Sunday!

Kids Sunday
Kids’ Sunday is an annual event we’ve hosted for two years at the end of summer.  We’re gearing up for our third year and I thought I’d share our experience with you!
We believe in kids fully participating in their church experience.  As you can see from our Wednesday night job board, kids regularly help set up seating, lead prayer and serve on the worship team each week.  However, we want to send the message that they can be involved in “big church” as well.  Each year, on Kids’ Sunday, we hand the service over to the kids. They serve as:
  • Greeters
  • Bulletin Distributors
  • Ushers
  • Sound Booth Crew
  • Welcome Center Attendants
  • Worship Team
  • Prayer

We let the pastor preach, and we invite people from our Story Time in the Park program to check out these one of a kind service.

Kids Sunday

From our first few years, here’s what we’ve learned:

#1 Practice! Practice! Practice!

The week before Kids’ Sunday is scheduled, we have kids stand in position and have them go through the motions for their job.  Since we have two services, we have “1st Service kids” service while “2nd service kids” pretend to be the congregation and then switch places.

Kids Sunday: Getting some Practice In

#2 Pick Fun (But Practical) Songs

Of course, Kids’ Sunday is a great chance to shake things up a bit and sing some songs with a little more beat to them, but be sensitive to the adults in the congregation.  Just because you sing these songs every week during Kids’ Club does not mean the adults in the room will catch on right away. You only get to sing through the songs once, so pick ones that are slightly repetitive and have a predictable beat.  Something you could catch yourself singing along to the first time listening.

Kids Sunday (17)

Last year, our song choices included:

This year, we’re going with:

  • I Believe in Jesus (Ken Blount)
  • One Thing (Your Love Remains) by Jesus Culture
  • Glory to God Forever (Amber Sky Records)
  • God is For Us (Amber Sky Records)

#3 Help Kids Practice At Home

Certainly, you should start by picking songs that the kids already know from kids church.  It’s a great idea to make it easy for them to practice at home as well, either by making practice CD’s or by recording motions and posting them to youtube (you can mark it private!).    Let parents know about these options and encourage kids to practice, practice, practice!

Kids Sunday: Practice Time!

#4 Have Adults Standing Nearby If Kids Need Coaching

It will happen. Some kid will forget where they are supposed to be stationed or will suddenly become too shy to walk down the aisle during the offering. Have a few adults ready to jump in and coach if needed.

Kids Sunday


#5 Make it Easy to Invite Friends

We love to make up postcard invitations and have the kids pass them out to their friends.  It’s a great way to bring it up casually in conversation and it gives the invitee a tangible reminder as well.    You can score some invitation postcards for reasonable price by ordering through Walgreens and grabbing one of their 40% off coupons.

#6 Wear Your Team Shirts

This is a great week to recognize the fabulous team that helps make Children’s Ministry a success in your church.  Encourage the team to wear their team shirt on this special day!

Team Leader, Kids for Christ

What About You?

Do you have a Kids’ Sunday event?  I’d love to hear more!


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