Kyle Idleman’s New Book: AHA!  (Book Review)

Kyle Idleman’s New Book: AHA! (Book Review)

Last year, my husband started raving about a book called Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman.  He’s not much of a reader, so for him to take notice of a book, it had to be good.  I picked it up and was thoroughly impressed.  It was compelling, inspiring, and convicting.    We even ended up using it as a curriculum for our entire Sunday School program.

So of course, when I was invited to be a part of the book tour for Kyle’s new book AHA, I jumped at the chance.    The “AHA” is based on three principles:

AHA Book: New Release from Kyle Idleman

The AHA Moment

A: Awakening (I’ve got a problem!)

H: Honesty (And it’s a serious problem!)

A: Action (I’ve got to do something about this, now!)

The Prodigal Son

The entire book is based on the story (parable) of the Prodigal son and his AHA moment.  Kyle gives real life examples of others who have had what he calls a ” life-changing, destiny-altering collision— an AHA moment that leads us home to our loving Father.”

I loved the in-depth look at the Prodigal son and the clear parallels we see between his life and the life on someone in crisis.   I also appreciate how Kyle offers encouragement for those who are “already in the pig pen” and sounds a clear warning for those headed in that direction.

Who is this Book For?

While the book is inspirational and well-written (I do love Kyle’s writing style), I didn’t find it as convicting as Not a Fan (am I comparing apples and oranges here?) nor as clear-cut in the intended audience.  I’m just not sure who this book is aimed at.  Is it someone on the verge of an AHA moment?  Someone in the midst of a crisis?   If so, I’m not sure this is the book people would go searching for in their moment of desperation.  I do think it is an excellent reference for pastors, counselors and family ministry directors to have on hand, both to use in their conversations with families and to hand out as a resource.

Time for Some Introspection

AHA certainly calls for some serious introspection, which is something sorely lacking in society today.  We gloss over problems, push them aside, and generally don’t acknowledge the depth of the issue until we’re faced with no other choices.  Kyle urges his readers to be brutally honest with themselves.

Right now.

Don’t wait.

Think about the reasons you refuse to be a spiritual leader in your home.

Own up to the fact that you have  compulsion shopping habit to hide the unhappiness in your heart.

Be honest.

Get real with yourself and find some friends to be honest with as well.

I like that this is a hard hitting book.  I just hope his readers stick with it to the end.

Suffering for Reason

Kyle also addresses the issue of suffering in a way that is theologically sound and helpful.  He explains sometimes suffering gives a taste of future consequences if we don’t change our ways:

AHA (2)

Often times, suffering leads us to a deeper spiritual walk with God:

AHA (3)

Whatever the purpose is for suffering, author Kyle Idleman urges readers not to waste it.  Instead, they should take action.

Worth a Look!

If you’re in ministry of any kind, this is certainly a book you want to take a look at.  It gives a great overview of the stages of crisis and will serve as an excellent resource when talking with people in their midst of their own AHA moment.   Grab it on Amazon today: AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything.







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