L is for Leaf {Preschool Homeschool}

L is for Leaf {Preschool Homeschool}

I sure do love Fall!  The football games, the cooler weather… the perfect excuse to eat donuts with cider (every day!) Here in Erie, PA, it seems we only get about 3 weeks of fall before the snow starts to fall, so you’ve really got to seize the day!

We decided to kick off the fall season with some nice leaf crowns.  We all headed outside to look for beautiful leaves, but when we got out there — we only had green ones!  Oops!  Guess the weather hasn’t been quite cold enough around here yet!

What You Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Stapler
  • Glue Sticks
  • Leaves

What You Do:

To begin, cut the construction paper into strips to make two halves of a child’s headband.  You can either staple one side together now or have the kids decorate the strips separately and then staple at the end.

IMG 8198 300x225 L is for Leaf Crown! {Preschool Alphabet}

Gather up some leaves from outside and lay them in a pile for the kids to rumage around in.  Hand out the glue sticks and demonstrate gluing a few leaves in place.  Sit back and be amazed at how cool your kids are.

L is for Leaf L is for Leaf Crown! {Preschool Alphabet}

I love seeing how things will turn out.  Chipmunk ripped up all her little leaves before gluing them on.  L.B. was way more interested in gluing the table, and N.D. was concentrating intensely.  The crowns turned out great!

Leaves 300x100 L is for Leaf Crown! {Preschool Alphabet}

After both sides of the crown are completed, wrap it around the child’s head to measure.  Holding the size in place with your finger, remove it from the child’s head and then staple the ends together to make a crown.

Finished Crowns1 204x1024 L is for Leaf Crown! {Preschool Alphabet}


We’ve been doing some preschool homeschool for about a year now with my 3 year old and now my 2 year old has been joining in the fun.  This week, we memorized Genesis 1:1 which fit in perfect with the leaf crowns.

What Does the Bible Say About Leaves?

Leaves are mentioned a few times in the Bible.  If you have older kids, it might be fun to look in a Bible dictionary or concordance for references to leaves.   If you have younger kids, take a look at a few of the following passages:

  • Genesis 3:7: Adam and Eve sewed clothes with leaves
  • Genesis 8:11: The dove brings a leaf back to Noah
  • Psalm 1:3: A person connected to God is a like a leaf that never withers
  • Proverbs 11:28… the righteous will thrive like a green leaf
  • Jonah 4:6: God provides Jonah with a leafy tree

After looking at the passages, ask your kids the following questions:

  • Why did Adam and Eve cover up?  (They had sinned and were ashamed)
  • Do we still cover up with leaves?  Or do we wear clothes?
  • How do you think Noah felt when the dove brought the leaf to him?
  • For older kids: The fall leaves turn color and fall off because they have stopped receiving nourishment from the tree.  How do we receive nourishment so that we are like a leaf that never withers?
  • God gave Jonah a leafy tree for shade.  Do you like to sit in the shade?  What else can trees give us? (wood, fruit, a place to climb).
  • I’m so glad God gave us leaves!  What else has God provided?

Thanksgiving Tree

Since it’s so close to Thanksgiving, this would be a perfect chance to make a Thankful tree.  Here’s a picture of one that a Children’s Ministry team member made for her Children’s Church class.

God Will Never Leave Me: Thankful Leaf Tree

The kids wrote things they were thankful for or where they saw God’s faithfulness at work on the leaves and taped them to the tree.

More Fall Fun!

Parts of this post were originally published on 3 Boys and a Dog on September 18, 2012.

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  1. Love this! So cute!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Katelyn. I hope the kids enjoy it too!