Learning About the Old Testament with Kids

Learning About the Old Testament with Kids

We’ve begun a new series in our Wednesday night midweek program all about Navigating the Old Testament!  If you’re looking for some great games and activities to help your kids learn more about the books of the Bible, stay tuned right here!

Learning the Names of the Books

I love this song from North Point kids for learning the books of the Bible, but not all kids are into music.

If you’re looking for a few more hands on ways to learn the books of the Bible (in order), check out the suggestions below!

Books of the Bible in Bottle Caps

The Hands on Bible Teacher uses bottle and milk caps along with stickers and an old wipes container to make a fun sorting game.  Read all about it here.

All About the Bible Book Express!

Over at Christian Preschool Printables, they have this fun train to highlight the 10 Commandments.  Using the same idea, you could make a train for the books of the Old Testament.  You could even have separate trains for the groups such as History, Poetry, and Prophecy.  Just google around to find some pictures of trains and train cars.

Now Where Did I Put That Book?

Grab these great cards from Bible Fun for Kids and hide them around the room for the kids to find (and then put in order).  This game would be good in individual small groups as well as a large group game in the gym.  It even comes with a checklist to make sure every book was found — very handy!

Who Has?


This is a game often played in schools to help introduce a concept. Kids are all given a number of cards and starting with Genesis, they’ll read through them one by one to help each other put them in order.  Grab the full instructions and free printable cards at Bible Fun for Kids!

Books of the Bible Border

Books of the Bible Border

Using coloring pages from Ministry to Children, create your own book of the Bible room border.  A decoration and learning tool in one!  This website also has some fun games to use when learning the books of the Bible.

Hula Hoop Sort

Hula Hoop

Distribute Books of the Bible cards to the kids and using hula hoops, have them sort each of the books into the correct category.  Each hoop would be labeled as one category, such as Old Testament and New Testament.  If you have older kids, you could get more technical with History, Poetry and Prophecy (all OT books).  You could also sort by author.  If you an especially active group, place the hula hoops around a large room so they have to run to sort the pieces by a certain time.

More Ideas

Make a Bible Journal

Grab some blank notebooks from the dollar store and some stickers and start having kids make notes about the lesson each week. Maybe they could make a page for every book of the bible, including a favorite verse or story and the theme of the book.  Read more about the journal idea in Bible Fun for Kids.


Play a round of Scrabble with the kids, but make it a rule that they can only use key words from recent lessons.  Of course, any book of the Bible is a winner, but key characters or book themes are okay too.

Play Through the Bible

Play Through The Bible

Fellow blogger, Liz Millay has an entire series dedicated to making the Bible come to life for preschoolers and toddlers.  Talk about some active learning fun!

That’s it for now!


Stay tuned for more Books of the Bible ideas or check out my Pinterest page for more ideas!

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  1. I love the bible journal idea!! I have a lot of great OT idea for toddlers and preschoolers in my Play Through The Bible series if you need any ideas for the littlest ones! Looking forward to this series!
    Liz Millay recently posted..Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter – Play Through The Bible – Week 19

  2. Thanks so much, Liz — I’ll add you to the resources and let my small group leaders know!

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