Learning Styles in the Classroom

Learning Styles in the Classroom

How do you keep things exciting and engaging in the classroom?

One way to keep kids engaged is to use learning styles in the classroom.  Learning styles are a students preferred method for gaining knowledge.  Though most students are able to process information through several different methods,  usually they gravitate towards one particular learning style.   What are the learning styles?  I’m so glad you asked!

The most common learning styles are:

The Auditory Learner: Loves music, sounds, chants, and sound effects

The Visual Learner: Loves colors, images, video clips, and pictures

The Kinesthetic Learner: Loves motions, movement, and using hands

The Verbal Learner: Loves rhyming, writing, and working with words

The Logical Learner: Loves patterns, problem-solving, and charting facts 

Of  course, you don’t have to use learning styles in the classroom, but it’s a great way to get kids involved and engaged in the lesson.  As we all know, engaged kids learn more!    I drafted up a learning styles worksheet for my own personal use and thought I’d share it with you guys as well!  Grab it below!

Learning Styles Planning Sheet

What About You?

How do you keep your students engaged in the lesson?  I’d love to hear about it — leave me a comment below!

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