Lego Party (Just for Fun!)

Lego Party (Just for Fun!)

Hey Everyone!  It’s been a little quiet on the blog this week because we’ve been getting ready for birthday boy’s #5 party!  I’ve been trying to do a little each day to avoid the “day before” rush and it seemed to work out a lot better.  I thought I’d post a few pictures for you, just for fun!    I’d love to hear what your family has been up to this summer as well — leave me a comment and let me know!

Decorations: Let’s Get Building!

Lego Face Cups

Lego Party

This were just yellow cups and I put black puffy paint on them to make lego faces.

Lego Party

Drink Station

Lego Party

We filled up the main container with water (it was a super hot day) and then had juice for the kids to use in their lego juice boxes.

Lego Party

I think these juice boxes were one of my son’s favorite parts of the party.  And of course, the kids got to take them home as favors.

Lego Party

For the silverware, I spray painted a few jars yellow and used black puffy paint again to make faces.

Lego Party

Lego fabric was super hard to find, but I managed to get a little to make some cloth napkins for the party.  I love doing this because it adds to the theme and you can keep them long after the party is over.

Lego Party

Game Time: Let’s Get Playing!

For the games, we just did a few Minute to Win it style games.  I was going to use legos for the games, originally, but I ended up opting for bigger blocks so more people could see the fun.  Here’s the list of fun:

Game #1: Rescue the Lego Man from Ice

Use your hands to melt the ice and rescue the lego man.  First team to free him wins 50 points.

Game #2 Leaning Tower of Blocks

You have one minute to build the tallest free standing tower with blocks.  You compete against a player from the other team.  Winner gets 20 points.  Three rounds permitted.

Game #3 Backward Basket Toss

You have one minute to get as many blocks into the bucket, throwing them backward over your head.  You compete against a player from the other team.  Winner gets 20 points.

Lego Party Basket Toss

Game #4 Knock the Blocks

You have one minute to shoot arrows at the blocks.  Every block that is on the ground is worth 10 points.  Two rounds permitted per team.

Game #5 Lego Color Sort

You have one minute to sort the legos into their correct color.  Any colors that are correctly sorted at the end of one minute is worth 10 points.   One round permitted.

Food Time: Let’s Get Eating!

We had the party early — 10AM (it’s terrible to wait all day for a party!), so we went with a breakfast theme.  We had sweet rolls, yogurt and granola, fruit salad, tator tot casserole, baked oatmeal and a waffle station where you could “build your own waffle” creation.

Build Your Own Waffle

And of course, there was the amazing cake, compliments of my sister!  Love it!!

Lego Cake!


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  1. This could also be a great theme for something like a church open house or promotion sunday!

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