Lesson Ideas for Judges

Lesson Ideas for Judges

We’ve been making our way through the Bible, covering all the “Big Stories” this summer.  I wish we had time to cover all the great details in God’s Word, but we’ll do what we can!  I was talking with one of our regular attenders the other day and she had never heard the story of David and Goliath.  As a “raised-in-church” girl, sometimes I forget that not every kid knows the basics of the Bible.  So, hopefully by the end of summer, we’ll covered most of the “main characters” of the Bible. Stay tuned for lesson ideas based on the Big Story of God’s Word.

For the book of Judges, we covered three of the main judges during story time (Samson, Gideon, and Deborah) and then dove into the details of a few other judges during station time (I was dying to share this poem about Ehud with the kids, but I refrained!)

To help tell the story of Samson, we used a mop for Samson (old school style, no swiffers!) and a broom for Delilah (this idea came from Forget Me Not Bible Stories, I think!).  One my team members drew these great faces to attach to our props:

It was a big hit!

During Station time, we gave kids the following options:

  • Puppets Recreate Story: Kids would look up an account in the book of judges and then collaborate with a fellow class mate to write a script and perform it with puppets.
  • Make Gideon’s Torch
  • Use Cool Bible Tools for Hero Posters: Kids would look up one of the judges using our Cool Bible Tools and make a Hero poster.  They could write what the Judge was best known for, his strengths, his weaknesses, or a great quote from Scripture.  Of course, drawing pictures was encouraged!

What about you?  Got a great idea for teaching about Judges?  Leave me a comment and let me know (comments close automatically after two weeks). I’d love to hear your ideas!



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