Looking for a Great Gift?  Try K5 Kids!

Looking for a Great Gift? Try K5 Kids!

Recently I stumbled upon the K5 Kids through their twitter account.  I’m always on the lookout for great Christian kids music, so I wrote to all the K5 Kids and asked for a review copy of their CD.  I quickly got an e-mail back from Mr. Jon who graciously agreed to not only send me a review copy but also give away copies for some of the parents in our ministry.  I received both the Toby Mac CD and the Newsboys CD.

K5 Kids Vol1 (TobyMac)

The Basics:

Each CD contains hot songs from popular Christian artists sung by  the K5 Kids.  For example , the Toby Mac CD contains tracks like “Lose my Soul”, and “City on our knees” as well as 10 original tracks.

The Good:

  • Good variety of upbeat and slower songs
  • Great quality of music
  • Appealing to a wide age group.  My 2 year old liked the sound of these CD’s and it was easy for me to listen to as well.  I know elementary kids and preteens would dig it too.
  • Popular songs and originals.  I like that the first tracks on the CD’s are popular songs that kids have probably heard on the radio — gets them engaged right away.  Then later, there are some new songs for them to learn.
  • Easy to listen to — I had these CD’s playing for a whole day when I first got them and they didn’t get on my nerves at all.  If you’ve ever listened to kids music, you know this is not always the case!
  • Positive, Christ-centered message
  • Perfect mix for a ride in the car

The Bad

  • First Impression: I started with the Newsboys CD and the first track is Shine. Now, personally I’m a fan of both Newsboys and the Shine song, but I don’t know if kids singing about “vegetarian barbecuing hamster” is really appropriate.  It suddenly reminded me of the Kidz Bop CDs… just because you have kids sing the song does not make the song appropriate for kids.  Maybe this track was chosen because it is so widely known, but I think a little more thought could have gone into the song choices.
  • Auto Tune: There’s a LOT of this going on.  Again, I’m a fan of auto tune, even when used with adults, but I know many people are not.  Even I got a little tired of the metallic sounding voices after a little while.
  • Not good for Children’s Ministry — because many of these songs are popular songs designed for the radio, they aren’t really conducive for congregational or kids’ church singing.  Now, they are perfect for families to play at home or in the car, but I was hoping for something a little simpler so I could use it in my ministry.


If you’re a parent looking for a last-minute gift for your elementary age or preteen kid, this just may be the ticket.  It would also be great for all those nieces or nephews.. you know the ones that you don’t really know what to buy for!   All kids love music and this music is easy for anyone to get into — whether they are a Christian or not.  What a perfect way to sneak the love of of Jesus into their life.  🙂   The Christmas album is only $4.99, so head on over to the K5 website and order yours today!

Check it Out for Yourself!

K5 Website

K5 Commercial on Vimeo


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