Looking for a New Curriculum?  Check out this resource!

Looking for a New Curriculum? Check out this resource!

You know the struggle of trying to find a new curriculum.  You want to find something just right.. something better than what you’re currently using, but you don’t know how to really determine if it’s the right fit for your group.   Sorting through all the options and making sure you’ve considered everything can get pretty overwhelming.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a systematic way to narrow down your choices and figure out the best curriculum for your church and current situation?

Well, my fellow kidmin blogger friend Sam Luce has put together just such a resource!   In his new e-book, he helps you presents and explains four key filters you need to use to choose the right curriculum for you and the families you serve.

Ultimate Curriculum Guide

Head on over to Sam’s blog and grab your copy for $3.99 today!  It’s about 22 pages long and packed with practical advice about determining what’s really important to your church and finding a curriculum that fits your vision.  Check it out!


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