Love Letters from God {Book Review}

Love Letters from God {Book Review}

I’ve been in the blogging world for a little over four years now and I’ve met some terrific fellow bloggers along the way.  One such kidmin friend is Glenys Nellist, the author of a new book called Love Letters from God: Bible Stories.  When Glenys asked me to take a look at her book for a review, I happily signed up.  Take a look at the promo video below:

Here’s my take:


  • The innovative approach to this book is fun and certainly draws kids in.  I appreciate that the “letters” are lift the flap and not actually removable.  We all know those would instantly get lost.
  • The pictures are amazing!  The colors are bright and plentiful and the illustrations are a wonderful style: realistic but still a tad bit cartoonish, which kids love.
  • The stories certainly keep kids’ attention.  I’m always looking for a new Naptime Devotional book for my own children and I thought this might be a good candidate. However, the kids didn’t want to stop reading!  We finished the whole book in one sitting and they loved every page.
  • The Bible reference under each story title.


  • There seems to be a few Biblical inaccuracies in the book.  I understand it’s a story book and not actual Scripture, but I have to admit, I’m a little over the top when it comes to things like this.  For example, the Noah story says that Noah heard the rain and then ran to the Ark when in Genesis 7, we read that Noah and his family were actually on the ark for seven full days before it began to rain.   In the Daniel story, the lions are portrayed to mock Daniel for praying.  However, we read in Psalm 148 and 150 that animals are both capable and commanded to praise God.   Small details perhaps, but I just always thinks it’s best to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to Scripture.


  • There’s certainly nothing ugly to report about this book.  As I mentioned before, it’s beautifully illustrated and the language is inviting and kid-friendly.  The love letters are a great way to keep kids engaged and the pages are thick and resistant to tearing.


In conclusion, this is a book I’m happy to add to the collection on our shelves. It’s a great companion piece to use along with a Bible for kids.  And congratulations to Glenys and Sophie Allsopp (illustrator) for such an exciting accomplishment!

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