Loving These Easy Risers!

Loving These Easy Risers!

We were strolling through the vendor area at Group’s Kidmin conference last year when my friend Paulette and I were stopped in our tracks by a beautiful set of bleachers.   Bright rainbow benches were arranged neatly in rows and just screaming for us to take a closer look.  We spoke to the man at the Easy Risers booth for a few minutes and I have to tell you, I was in love.  With the risers.

Our New Easy Risers!

You can check them out at the Easy Risers website (be sure to tell them Lindsey sent you!) or you can keep reading to hear how fabulous they are first hand.

After the conference, I was determined to get a set of those beautiful risers in our space.  We meet in the gym for our Wednesday night Kids’ Club and the wide open space sometimes lends itself to… well… chaos.  We were looking for a way to corral the kids that wouldn’t require setting up and tearing down 40 chairs every week.    It took a little work, but the board signed off on the expense and we ordered a set of six.  Yippee!

Here’s a picture of our first night trying them out:

Easy Risers!

As the kids strolled into the gym that night, they immediately gravitated toward the brightly colored seating.

“Do we get to KEEP these?”, one girl asked.

They were a huge hit!

Our New Easy Risers!

Easy Risers are made of aircraft Aluminum frames allowing the product to be light weight and an affordable alternative to chairs. Gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, libraries, music rooms are all perfect locations for Easy Risers.  

They are super easy to set up and take down.  In fact, we’ve got a couple of our 1st grade boys doing the job.

Easy Risers

They nest into each other, making it super quick to slide them against a nearby wall and be done with it!

Our New Easy Risers!

I love what they’ve done for our large group time and music time.   No more doing somersaults during lesson.  No more climbing onto your neighbors back.  No more kids drifting toward the back during worship and proceeding to practice their karate moves.  Then again, maybe those things just happen to us.    Either way, things have gotten a lot more orderly since we’ve brought the Easy Risers into play.

They even come in black if you’re not into the rainbow look.

Black Easy Risers

The only trouble is we’ve already outgrown them!

We ordered a set of six (two of each #3-5) and it holds about 36 kids ages 4-12.  We’ve been encouraging kids to bring friends, so it looks like another set of risers might be in the forecast (I hope!).   Thankfully, the #5 risers are the same height as a standard chair, so we’ve been adding a few folding chairs to the mix to hold us over for now.

If you’ve been looking for a terrific seating option for multi-use space, I would really encourage you to take a look at the Easy Riser options (check out the pricing and package options here).  If you’ve got a tight space, the Easy Risers can fit 3 times more kids than chairs could in the same space.   They are also perfect for plays and choir performances.  We’re loving them!  And so are the kids!

If you do order, be sure to mention that you spotted them on Growing Kids Ministry!

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