Make Your Church Birthday Party Central!

Make Your Church Birthday Party Central!

Recently I was at Chick-Fil-A story time talking to some mom friends when one mom asked about places to have birthday parties around town.  She had considered the Children’s Museum, but they have a 10 kid minimum.  Since she was new in town, she didn’t have 10 kids to invite and hated to pay for empty seats.  I suggested having it at her house, but she said they were still in an apartment from the move and didn’t have room for many guests.  I told her I would think about it, but I didn’t have any more suggestions.   Then, a few days later, I got an email from Reagan at Worlds of Wow with details about a birthday party ministry.   The idea is to open your church as a birthday party venue in order to bring in new families.  I can’t believe I never thought about this idea!  We already host baby showers and graduation parties at our church for congregation members, so it wouldn’t take much to open the building up to the community!  Here’s a few more details about the idea (provided by Worlds of Wow):

Why Birthday Parties?

  • Transforms church into THE place to be in the community
  • Revolutionary concept that uses what we already have like never before.
  • Every one of the kids and parents that attend the party will enter your  facility, see your ministry, see how you care about kids, and learn more about your church.

Taking The Extra Step

  • Before, during, and after the birthday party experience, ambassadors for your
    church will be communicating with party hosts, attendees, and interested
    parties. This is another excellent opportunity to share your message with
    others centered around birthday parties.
  • Each guest attending a birthday party will receive an information packet about
    your church to take home. This will include details about your children’s
    ministry, upcoming sermon series, coupon for redemption when they come
    back, etc. It’s another opportunity to share your message with hundreds of
    new people every week.

Getting it Organized

You can find more details about the Birthday Party Ministry on the Worlds of Wow website, but they recommend decorating well (balloons!), playing great games, and hiring energetic engaging congregation members to help run the event.    Make sure you think about the adults at the party too, offering free coffee and comfortable places to sit as they kids play.  You can get a full PDF with details and reminders by emailing and requesting a copy.

Toddler Play

Think It Over!

This type of thing is certainly worth thinking about — I know I’ll be bringing it up at our next staff meeting!

Disclosure: This is sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Love the idea once I can get Worlds of Wow in my church. For now, I have arranged with McDonalds, Chuck-e-cheese, and Chic-Fil-A to allow me to use their facilities to hold kids parties. I come in with my bag of tricks and entertain from illusions to science experiments and leave off with the allows delight balloon sculptures.

    I truly do enjoy Worlds of Wow though, and am working on getting them into my church.
    Todd McKeever recently posted..Loaded iPad mini with Scanner Pro for more Productivity

  2. Wow, Todd. That sounds like a great plan! I really need to work on my balloon animal skills!

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