Making Hamantaschen {Preschool Purim}

Making Hamantaschen {Preschool Purim}

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re celebrating Purim this week! I’ll fill you in on all our Esther-filled fun this weekend (hopefully!), but today I wanted to share our Hamantaschen making experience!    My three year old was enthralled with the word “Hamantaschen” and after we made our baked goods, she began renaming all her toys.

“Dad”, she would say, “This is my horse, Hamantaschen.  And this is my Hamantaschen hat.”

I found it quite humorous.  Especially since I’m still not convinced anyone in our house is pronouncing “Hamantaschen” correctly!

Anyway!  As I mentioned yesterday, we have a book that has a Hamantaschen recipe in the back, so we decided to give it a try!

Hamantaschen Recipe

I hope you can read that!  If not, leave me a comment and I’ll send the recipe your way!

The first step was mixing up the sugar and butter.  Pretty simple stuff unless your brown sugar is rock hard like mine.   Sigh.


Next you add the rest of the ingredients.  I couldn’t figure out why my “dough” didn’t look right.

Celebrating Purim (4)

Then I realized: I forgot the flour!!

I really need to sleep more.

Next, you refrigerate the dough for 2 hours.  While we were waiting, Chipmunk decided to make her own Hamantaschen out of play dough.  Fun!

Celebrating Purim (5)

After it’s chilled, it’s time to get rolling!

Celebrating Purim (27)

After rolling the dough out (pretty thin), cut using a circle cookie cutter or glass.

Celebrating Purim (36)

After the circles are cut and placed on a cookie sheet, put a small dab of jam or jelly in the middle.

Celebrating Purim (37)

Now, the recipe suggests putting  a little bit of water on the edges to help seal the cookie, but of course, I’m lazy and didn’t do that.   I will say that they spread and kind of fell apart while baking though, so you might want to think about it!  For this next step, you roll up the 3 “sides” of the circle and pinch the ends together to make a triangle.

STEP #1 Rolling 

Celebrating Purim (38)

STEP #2 Pinching

Celebrating Purim (40)

After that, you pop them in a 350 oven for 15 minutes.


Celebrating Purim (41)

As you can see, they didn’t exactly come out “Pin-worthy”, but the kids loved them and I have to tell you, they are quite tasty!!  I think I’ll try adding some water next time to see if the sides stick better.  I’m planning on making them for my Sunday School class this week, so we’ll see how that works out.  Ironically, the first cookie I made I did wrong: folding down the edges before putting the jam in and it turned out the best of all!

Celebrating Purim (1)

Oh well!

Hope you have some Hamantaschen making fun too!

Happy Purim!


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