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Megan starts her breakout session with one of my favorite stories about an airplane ride.  I know there’s a clip of the story on youtube, so stay tuned — I’ll try to find it for you!

She shared the story because it showed the power of ASKING FOR HELP.

There is no way she would have made her flight without the help of those people in the security line.  Sometimes we are really hesitant to ask for help because we think we need to be doing it all.  We get confused about what Christianity (or ministry) is all about.  We think it’s about all the things we can do instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to so deeply affect our lives that godly actions just spill out.

Teaching Biblical Theology to Kids

Have we missed what the gospel is all about?

Gospel-Centered: The Gospel in a Nutshell

  • God created (there is a Creator): Romans 1
  • All have sinned: Romans 3
  • Jesus came to reconcile us: Romans 5
  • The gift from God is eternal life: Romans 6

Sometimes we sell the gospel by using the symptoms or results of the gospel, like peace, love and joy.   Yes, these things are a result of a relationship with Jesus, but they don’t come automatically as soon as you “pray that prayer”. They are an overflow of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


We have to establish a culture where not only are you dependent on the Holy Spirit, but the kids begin to make room for him as well.  The 10 Environments are a great place to get started with this.  These environments create space for the Holy Spirit to work without dictating specific behaviors for the kids to perform.

Journal Response

What About You?

How do you keep your ministry focused on the gospel?

How do you allow room for the Holy Spirit?

I’d love to hear about it!

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