Merry Christmas!

Well, I finally finished our annual Christmas letter, bought some ink, and am ready to send out the Christmas cards.  I thought I’d share the letter with my readers as well to give you a glimpse into our year.   Let me know if you’d like a Christmas card!  🙂

We hope that you are doing well and enjoying this Christmas season.  Like every year, it seemed to creep up fast, didn’t it?   We wanted to share a few things that have filled up our 2010 calendar and hope to hear from you as well!  Sometimes facebook status updates just don’t cut it. 🙂

For us, our year started with lots of joy as we welcomed Abigail into the family (and into the world!) on January 10th.  Praise God, everything went smoothly and what a blessing she has been to our lives!  We spent the next few quiet winter months getting acquainted.  She continues to surprise us everyday!

The lazy days of summer were consumed mostly by preparations for our church’s “Big Event” (Vacation Bible School) and a week at a Youth Group Adventure Camp (YAC).  We did manage to squeeze in a hot-dog eating contest (Mike’s brother took the trophy there), a pontoon ride on the lagoon, a fourth of July parade, and lots of grilling!

While at YAC, Mike served as cabin leader.  With Abigiail snugly slung in her Moby wrap, she and I were off to perform cabin checks, take pictures, and fill in where needed.  Though a bit unconventional, the week turned out to be just what we all needed: a bit relaxing and spiritually uplifting.

Upon our return from camp, the Whitney Home Day Care officially opened with a couple of game-loving, cooking-crazy boys as my first clients.  We had lots of fun in the sprinkler, taking trips to the park, and enjoying the weather.  On the weekends, the family snuck in a few trips to the zoo and of course, had our fill of graduation parties.

This Fall, Mike headed to Iroquois high school to continue coaching.  He had a good year, but “there’s  always room for improvement”, he says.  Abigail has a few new friends attending the day care, and we’ve fallen into a pretty good rhythm as a family.  Things continue to go well at the church, and we are looking forward to all the Lord has planned for us there.

Like everyone else, we never seem to have enough time to catch up with friends, let alone finish the laundry!  We’re thankful for all the Lord has brought our way this year and look forward to the upcoming year!   What about you?


Mike and Lindsey Whitney

On the bookshelf:

  • Mike – The Gift of Fear
  • Lindsey – Radical, Three Wishes, Pen on Fire, Esther (Bible study)

In the Game Cupboard: Settlers of Cataan

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