The BIG Significance of Little Things

The BIG Significance of Little Things

We don’t get “the big moments” every time we step into the church.  Ministry isn’t filled with one earth-shattering moment after another.  There are earth-shattering moments, but more often than not, Ministry is about keeping the program going, connecting to a new kid, saying hi to a parent in the grocery store, and all the little things that go with being a light to the world.   Sometimes, when you reflect on these seemingly little things, they add up to a very big blessing.  Here are a few “little” things that have been going on in our Children’s Ministry department.

I Need A Bible!

We’ve been studying how to use our Bibles in our Wednesday night program.  During one of our Sunday services, I glanced over at a nearby pew to see a girl (age 7) scrambling to find a Bible.  As soon as she got her hands on her dad’s, she started scanning for the verses the Pastor was mentioning the sermon.   She even wanted to look up the verses that were already projected on the wall.  It was exciting to see such a fire about using her Bible!

Leading By Example

In our Sunday morning service, we have a praise time right before offering.  Members of the congregation can stand and praise God as they feel led.  One Sunday a father stood and praised God for His faithfulness in a recent situation. Immediately after he sat down, his daughter sprang up and praised God for a wonderful family. She’s learning!

All in the Details

Usually when we introduce a new Bible character during Children’s Church, I ask if any of the kids know anything about them.  More often than not, one of the kids in a particular family (there are four kids all together) will give complete details about the story, the supporting characters, the plot line, and the lesson to be learned.  Sometimes I feel like handing over the mic and letting them teach!  Obviously, there is some Bible study going on at home!

That Reminds Me of Song!

This phrase has become a something of a tagline for me.  It’s a great way to insert songs during lesson time (and get a few wiggles out) and it shows the kids connections between the songs we sing and the lesson/Scripture value they hold. Recently, one of our team members was introducing a game involving Jeremiah 29:11.  Suddenly, one of the kids said “That reminds me of a song” and 5 or 6 of them broke out in Group’s Song “The Lords Plans” which has the same lyrics as the verse.  That’s one way to hide it in their hearts!

What About You?

What are some of the little things in your ministry that inspire you to keep going?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. I got this response card note from one of our adult services last weekend:

    We’re so thankful for the amazing people in the Kids & HS ministries. Ask our 3 year old who loves him and he always says “Jesus!” They’re planting seeds in the hearts of our kids!

    This was a “small” thing, but I am SO thankful when parents take the time to do this.
    Jeff recently posted..What Does a Kids’ Pastor Do Anyway?

  2. Getting feedback from kids and parents about how they have grown. We just got some of this feedback from parents/kids in the afterschool program. Will post soon!
    Joey recently posted..Blog Playoffs – Round 2

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  4. Stacey Quick says:

    I found your website on Google a few days ago and this is my fourth time coming back, I absolutely love it! Thanks for another great post.

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