Minute to Win It: Back to School Bash!

Minute to Win It: Back to School Bash!

Back to School Kids Party!

We had a back to school bash for our elementary kids at church, during which we played some Minute to Win it games. When the kids arrived, we put their names in one bucket and all the names for the games in a separate bucket. When it was time for the fun to begin, we drew a kid’s name and a game name and quickly set things up in our game rink.    You can find all the games we played listed below along with the supplies needed in parenthesis.  Click on the link for directions.

Back to School

The Games

Office Tennis (clipboard, wad of paper, trash can)

Play it by Ear (5 non-see through containers, pennies)

Bouncer (waste basket, ping pong balls)

Breakfast Scramble (cereal box front, cut into squares)

Egg Run (spoon, hard boiled egg)

Ring Pan Ping Pong Toss (bundt cake pan, ping pong balls, table)

Hanky Panky (box of tissues)

Rapid Fire (empty pop cans, rubber bands, table)

Wheel of a Deal (cards, six tables/chairs)

Bite Me (lunch bags, cut at varying heights)

Stack Attack (plastic cups, 36 total)

Paper Dragon (two rolls of crepe paper)

Tilt a Cup (six plastic cups, gym balls or beach balls)

Feather, Feather (feather)

Roll with It (2 rolls of toilet paper, broom handle to place rolls on)

Blind Ball (paper towel tubes, ping pong balls, table)

If you have more than 15 kids, just repeat the games until everyone has had a turn!  Want to see things in action? Check out some VIDEOS from our Bash!

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Photo Credit: Flickr by bourndesign and thehutch

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  1. Lindsey,

    We are planning a Minute-to-Win Games night for our Awana clubs early next year. Can I just say that you site has been a God send (and I mean that literally) in terms of preparation. Thanks for all the work you have put into it! I’m still early in the planning phases, but articles like these and all the other Minute to Win It posts you’ve done are SOOOOO helpful!

    Thanks again,


    Dad in the Middle (http://WayneStocks.com)
    Kidmin1124 (http://Kidmin1124.com)

  2. So glad they have a been help, Wayne!