Minute to Win It: Game Ideas for Kids

Minute to Win It: Game Ideas for Kids

Looking for some ideas to play in your church based on the hit TV show, Minute to Win It? Check out the ideas below. Still need more? Check out the whole Minute to Win It series.

Shoe Box Relay

For this game, you need four shoe boxes (and a few spares).  The group is divided into equal numbers.   At the signal, the first person in line puts the two boxes on their feet and shuffles to the finish line (or cone) and returns to the starting line.  She passes off the boxes to the next player and the race continues.  Winning team is whoever has the most contestants make it to the finish line and back in a minute.

Over and Under

This game is played as a two-person team.  The first player is given a ball or bean bag.  At the signal, he passes the ball over his head and behind him to the second player.  He then immediately runs behind player #2 who passes the ball/bag between his knees back to player #1.  The ball continues in this over/under pattern as players switch players and work their way across a playing area.  They have to make it from the starting line to the finish line passing over and under in one minute.

Blackboard Relay

This could be played with everyone divided into two teams or as a 2-person team alternating turns.  Place a white board/blackboard in the front of the room.  Players start behind a line.  When the signal is given, the first player runs forward and write one word of the memory verse on the board (preferably in order!).  He returns to the line and hands the marker/chalk to player #2 who then runs and writes the next word.  Played as a 2-person team, the verse must be complete (with Bible reference of course) in one minute.  Played as a relay for everyone, first team to write entire verse wins.

Spider Relay

Players stand back to back, locking arms together.  At the signal, the team runs for a designated area.  Running toward the goal, player #1 is running forward and player #2 is running backward.  Returning back to the starting line, the opposite is true.  Players can’t run “sideways”.   At the designated area, players must pick up a fake bug (they are a spider after all!), and carry it back with them to the starting line where they will deposit it in a bucket.   The team must place 3 bugs in the bucket by the end of one minute.

Make it easier:  Put bugs on a table so contestants won’t have to stoop down to retrieve them

Make it harder: If bug is dropped or it doesn’t land in bucket, that bug is out of play.  Players must return to designated areas to get another one.

Fill up the Cup

One contestant sits with a dixie cup on their forehead, face towards the ceiling.  A line is drawn inside the dixie cup (whatever you think is appropriate for your group).  Second contestant stands with a bowl of water and spoon.  Second contestant must dish out water from the bowl spoon by spoon until the water reaches the line inside the dixie cup.  They must fill up the cup in a minute.

Make it harder (and messier!): 2nd player must stand two feet from the 1st player and toss water into the cup.

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