Monday Minute to Win It: Last Beauty Standing

These games are taken from NBC’s Minute to Win it Episode 20.   Use them for your Children’s Ministry or Youth Ministry!

This episode worked a little differently.  There were 10 Beauty Contestants/Winners all playing the same game.  The last one to complete the game was eliminated.  Last Beauty Standing won 100,000 for a charity of their choice.  This might be a good format if you want a lot of kids to play at once (if they are getting restless or something!)  Of course, it’s always rough to be the first eliminated!

Maybe the 1st one out could have a life to jump in at a later game.  If they can stay in the game then (not the last one finished), they’re safe.  Of course, my husband would say this is coddling kids and producing wimps, so you’re call!

Hanky Panky

Classic game.  In the original season, I believe.  You have to remove all the tissues from a box using only one hand. Easy enough to play, but a little tough on the budget.  Plus a mess to clean up!


Temper Tantrum

Contestants must get in touch with “their inner toddler” on this one.   At the signal, contestants (who are laying on their back) must shake their feet vigorously in the air in order to rack up the most “steps” on pedometers attached to both feet.  Feet cannot touch the ground.  Player with the least amount of steps is eliminated.  I must admit, this one was really funny to watch, especially since they were all wearing white shorts — making it looking like they had diapers on! If you can get the pedometers gathered, this one would be fun!  Check out the instruction video here.

Face the Cookie

Players must transport cookie from forehead to mouth using only their facial muscles.  Not so fun to watch with only one person doing it, but with everyone participating — it might up the entertaining value!

Go the Distance

Players must use a measure tape to bridge the distance between themselves and a shot glass placed on a pedestal 6 feet away.  They must place a ping pong ball on the measuring tape and get it into the glass on the other side of “the bridge”. Angle and speed is everything!

Stack Attack

I think we all know about this one.  Stacking cups to a pyramid and then taking them down diagonally to form a single stack again.  You use 6 cups across the bottom.  Twenty one cups total.

CD Dominoes

Players must stack 20 CD cases domino style in order to go around a shot glass and towards the end of the table.  Contestant blows on the one end in order send the CD’s toppling, landing the last CD in a trash can at the end of the table.  Kind of tricky to explain.  Really tough to do.  There was no time limit on this one, just whoever finishes last looses.  High stress!  A girl cried on this one before it even began.  Yikes!

Bulb Balance

Players must balance a (raw) egg upright on a light bulb (placed inside a glass for support) using strategically placed salt.  Sounds hard, but the three remaining beauties nailed it quick!  They were only given 2 salt packets and egg had to stay balanced for 3 seconds.

Ping Tac Toe

Interesting twist on this normally solo game.  Players go head to head using 2 differently colored ping pongs (each girl gets one color).  They play tic tac toe using glasses filled with water.  First player to land three of their ping pong balls in a row win.  This is tricky as a single player and looks even harder as a 2 player venture.  Play at your own risk!

Great episode for children’s ministry and youth ministry games.  Thanks NBC!

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