Minute to Win It: Million Dollar Bromance

Minute to Win It: Million Dollar Bromance

Welcome to another edition of Monday Minute to Win It, where you can find great games for your Children or Youth ministry or for a Family fun event.  Thanks for stopping by!

This Blows

Player blows up a balloon and then uses the escaping air (letting the balloon deflate) to blow 15 plastic cups off the table.  Simple enough, but you might want to reduce the number of cups or your kids will get a headache fast!  Or you could place the cups closer to the edge of the table like in this video:

Marbles Grande

Super-sized marbles game.  Players must use white ping pong balls to knock red ones out of a hula hoop 5 feet away. This is level two round game, so they only have to knock out 4 red ones.  You could increase or decrease the balls inside the hoop to fit any skill or level.

Kick Off

Neither contestant looked happy about this game.  Players must kick cans positioned in a circle around a metal tub/basin.  Cans look to be about 4 feet around the basin.  For round three, players must make 2 cans go into the basin. It must be harder than it sounds, but certainly worth a shot.  For some messy play outside, make them cans full of soda!


Check out the video for full instructions on this one:

This was a level one game, and the contestants already lost a life.  Might be a little too tough with 5 cans with kids. Three should be totally do-able though.

Puddle Jumper

In this level two game, contestants must cause a ping pong ball to jump from one cup filled with water to another cup filled with water about 4 inches away.  They must do this three times.


That’s it for now!  Let me know how you’re using these games!


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  1. Love the minute to win it stuff. We used a bunch of those at our summer camp last year, and will use a bunch more this year too!

  2. So glad to hear it, Anthony. Send us some shots and we’ll add them to the Minute to Win it collection!

  3. jane lorenz says:

    Thanks for posting! I’m trying to get some games together for a family reunion/open house at church(it’s a long story) in July. Watched Min to Win it last night ans thought, “We could totally do this!” Thanks for your “do’s and don’ts” ideas.

  4. Jane, hope you can find enough games. I think there are some videos in the Back to School bash that might help too!

  5. I really enjoyed the site. Its nice when you read something that is not only informative but entertaining. Excellent!

  6. This is excellent. I come here all the time and it’s posts like this that are the reason. 🙂 Keep up the great work.

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