Minute to Win It: Million Dollar Redemption

Minute to Win It: Million Dollar Redemption

In this episode of NBC’s hit game show “Minute to Win It” (Season 2, Episode 30), former contestant Heather gets a second chance at the million. I wasn’t able to catch the first half of this 2-part special, so these games will be a bit harder than usual.  Use them for adults or your youth group!

Level 5 Challenge: On the Hook

In this game, contestant must hold a chopstick in their mouth, attached to a string and open paper clip.  She has to fish 4 keys of a stand (or stool) in front of her.  Heather got a bonus 10 seconds for this game, and it’s good thing too — she finished with just 4 seconds of her 70 seconds to spare!

Level 6 Challenge: Laying Track

In this game, contestant must use staples, flipped upside down to build a track for a marble on a tilted table.  The track must go over 3 pairs of erasers and drop into a glass at the end of the table.  The lady nailed this one for $75,000!

Level 7: Caddy Stack

Heather is starting to get pretty worked up, but she feels confident about this game.  For the next level, she has to stack three golf balls and they have to stay for 3 seconds.  Sounds easy right?  Go ahead, try it at home!  She nailed it quick. Way to earn $125,000!  Now, will she go on?

Level 8: Mag-Nutstacker

Of course she will! This classic nutstacker game gets spiced up a bit at this level. Contestant must alternate stacking nuts and magnets with a chopstick.  The whole pile must be then moved to a different table before winning a  quarter of a million dollars!  And she does it again!  Amazing!  With $250,000 in the bank, of course she’s moving on!

Level 9: Get Forked

In this nearly impossible task, contest must roll a quarter 15 feet towards a fork.  The object is to get the coin catch a coin in the prongs of a fork.  This tough task did Heather in, but she still walked away with quite a wallet-full.

That’s it for now!



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