Minute to Win It Office Edition

There were some great games in this episode of Minute to Win It.  In this office edition, office supplies are used in a whole new way to build some creative games, perfect for Children or Youth Ministry.  Be sure to check out some of these games which would be great for Minute to Win It style competition.

Office Maximus:

Contestant has to bounce a giant rubberband ball on the ground in order knock 3 reams of copy paper off a pedestal.  Great game!  Easy set up.  It might be a little tougher for younger kids to bounce the ball in order to knock over the paper, so you might want to create a variation for them (i.e. throw the rubber band ball straight at the paper).

Speed Eraser:

Contestant must bounce 7 pencils into glasses.  This seems tricky, but the guy on the show blasted through it like it was nothing.  Try it out yourself and see if it’s too hard for your kids.

Office Fling:

Player must fling a folded piece of paper using a rubber band strung on the legs of an upside down chair.  The paper must land on a desk 12 feet away.  This is a great one because it’s easily adaptable to different age ranges – just move the desk (or table) closer for younger kids.  Just beware.  I just see kids wanting to fling the paper at more than the desk!  🙂

Office Tennis:

Using clipboards and a wad of paper, players must work as a team to hit the wad back and forth, moving down a line towards a trash can where they deposit the wad of paper.  This games gets kudos for super easy props.  You could use this game as a relay race for all your kids.  Based on the players performance, this game might be tougher than it sounds!

That’s it for now!

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