Molly Pickens Curriculum Review: Small Group Lesson

I wasn’t sold on the Molly Pickens DVD Curriculum based on the Large Group Lessons, but of course, I wasn’t looking at the whole picture.  Small Group lessons accompany each of the Large Group DVD segments of this 10 part curriculum series. Here’s what I thought about those:

What’s Good

  • Love the fact that the lesson starts (pre-DVD) with a focus on the day’s verse.  I think it really sets the stage for the focus of of the lesson.
  • There are several activities (to use before and after the video) to help cement the day’s theme, including games, art, and an audio letter from Charles.  The discussion questions are good: relevant, personal, and lesson-focused.

What’s Not So Good:

  • No negatives here.  Well written, good Biblical focus, and easy to follow/prepare.  We didn’t have time to fit all the activities in, but it’s great for teachers to have the flexibility to pick and choose which activities they think their kids will like best.

Let’s continue the review:

Testing it out on the Kids


Interested in Buying?

Price is $129.00 for this 10 week series.  You  can get it from Abingdon’s website, the Fantastic World website, or post a comment on the Conclusion post for your chance to win our review copy!

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