Molly Pickens: The Whole Story

If you read my original review of Molly Pickens you’ll know I had a few issues with the curriculum including:

  • Lessons are too abstract for real-life application
  • Too much emphasis on “power of love”
  • Videos aren’t lesson driven enough/not enough biblical content

After talking with Matthew Young, my issues with Molly were cleared up a bit.  Here’s what he shared:

Media-Enriched, not Media-driven

Molly Pickens curriculum is teacher-driven, media-enriched.  It is not a DVD-based curriciulum.  Unlike 252 Basics and other DVD curriculums, the video portion of Molly Pickens is designed to be a talking point for the teacher.  It can be used much in the same way you would teach a biblical point from a secular movie.  Bill and Charles will mention the Bible point or Scripture passage, but this mention is intended to be a starting point, not the teaching method.

The Teacher is the Main Character

Lessons are presented in an abstract way during the video so the teacher can customize the Bible story based on his audience/class.  If he has younger kids, he can pick up on the more basic parts of the Scripture.  If older kids comprise most of the class, more life-application can be given.  The teacher knows their class the best, so the producers of Molly didn’t want to step into the teacher’s territory and teach the lesson for them.  When the teacher drives the lesson home (as opposed to Bill and Charles), it is more personal, more meaningful, and more tailored to meet the needs of the class.  All good things.

There’s a Reason for All that Love!

Love was a huge focus during Molly’s adventures in the Fantastic World.   The reason is this: John 13:35 says that the world will know we are Christ’s disciples by our love.  But what is this love exactly?  How does it manifest itself in a Christian’s life?  That’s exactly what kids learn along with Molly.  Love is having faith in someone, it’s encouraging someone, its being humble (not a know it all!).  Love involves sacrifice and forgiveness.  One of the goals of this curriculum was to help kids understand what it means to show Christ-like love to others in a real way.  When Bill and Charles are moping around and down in the dumps in Episode four, Molly shows them love by encouraging them.   Towards the end of the curriculum, we learn about Christ’s sacrifice because Molly has to make a loving sacrifice of her own.  In light of this insight, the love emphasis makes a lot more sense.

Thanks so much to Matthew Young for providing these tidbits about the curriculum.  I’m glad to share them so everyone might be able to use Molly to its full potential!

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