Monday Minute to Win It: America’s Heroes

Monday Minute to Win It: America’s Heroes

In Episode 26, the season finale of NBC’s hit show Minute to Win It, we get to watch two soldiers with one incredible story play for the big bucks.  Catch it on hulu for yourself.

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Sticky Balls

Contestant must rolls marbles down a table in order to get them to stick to double-sided sticky table attached tot he other side of the table.  Seems pretty easy, just make sure you pick up all the stray marbles.  Wouldn’t want any old ladies to step on them!

Spin Doctor

One player flicks a quarter so it spins across a middle line on the table.  The opposite player must stop the coin in an upright position and keep it that way for three seconds.  Sounded really tough to me, but these guys nailed it in 13 seconds.  Of course, they did practice!

Snap, Crackle and Topple

Contestant must set up 13 cereal boxes to create a domino effect. Then they must topple the boxes in order to spill the contents of the last box into a bowl.  Easy set up, easy supplies — but I would leave out the “spilling the contents” part. Seems like a mess to me!  (After you use these cereal boxes, you can use them to make Books of the Bible props for other lessons!)

Marbles Grande

Check out the NFL part one post for instructions on this.

Egg Tower

Using 4 paper towel rolls and 4 raw eggs (I’d hard boil them if I were you!!), contestant must build a tower alternating egg and roll.  Love the sounds of this game!  I might have to try it for myself!

That’s all for now!  Thanks for stopping by!

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