Monday Minute to Win it: Coffee break and more!

Coffee Break

Teams are composed to two players, each who have a doughnut.  The table is lined with cups of coffee (might want to use milk — seems safer) (and a tarp!).  The first player runs to the end of the line, dunks the doughnut in the coffee/milk and runs back to have player #1 take a bit.  Then player #2 runs to the next cup in line, dunks and brings it back for a another bite. This continues until player #2’s doughnut is eaten.  Then player #1 repeats the process in order to feed player #2.

Less Supplies: Only have 2 cups of liquid, one for each players doughnut.  Set the table a little farther away to keep it challenging and play the game this way.

Chicken Fight (Competition)

Two players stand in a circle drawn 8 feet in diameter.  They stoop and grasp their own ankles.  At a signal each tries to push the other from the circle.  A player looses when he leaves the circle.  He must keep his hands on his ankles.

Fan Ball  (competition)

Players line up opposite each other.  Draw or tape off a line in front of their feet.  Each player gets a heavy piece of cardboard.  Put a ping pong ball between the players.  On the signal, each player fans their cardboard in order to get the ping pong ball to cross the other’s line.

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