Monday Minute to Win It: Couple Show Down

Monday Minute to Win It: Couple Show Down

In Season two, Episode 17, two couples go head-to head in this fun episode of Minute to Win it.  This would be a great way to involve more kids in a Minute to Win it event.  Here’s some great kid games to try in your family or children’s ministry:

Paper Dragon:  I’ve described this game in other posts, but this is played as a race between the two teams.  Each team picks a delegate and whoever unwinds their 2 rolls of crepe paper first wins the round for the team.    You could also play with all four team mates racing, and whoever finishes first wins a point for the team.

Tipsy: What kid wouldn’t love drinking soda to win the game?  Might not be a winner with the parents though!    In this game, contestant has to drink just enough of the beverage to balance the soda can on its edge.  Check out the video for a complete picture of the instructions, or click here to see Tipsy in action.

Bouncer: Check out the full instructions in the Perfect Strangers Post.

Bottle Neckin: This one may be pretty tough for kids, but a good challenge for adults.  In this game, contestants have to stack four 2-Liter bottles, matching ends (mouth to mouth, bottom to bottom), making a tower.  In the end, the tower must stand for 3 seconds for the contestant to win.  For kids, you could use those mini-water bottles to make it a bit easier.  This game is similar to Egg Tower from last week’s post.

Paddle Poppers: This game is almost the same as Pong5 from last week’s post, except one person on each team plays and is responsible for knocking over three paddles.  Check the last week’s post for adaptation ideas.

That’s it for now!

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