Monday Minute to Win It: Jonas Brother

Monday Minute to Win It: Jonas Brother

On Episode 11, special guest Kevin Jonas, part of the pop boy band: Jonas brothers, makes an appearance.  Playing for charity, Kevin faces the household elements on NBC’s Minute to Win it  in this old Season one episode.

Nose Dive

Contestant dips nose into petroleum jelly then use this jelly to pick up a cotton ball.  He then has to transfer the cotton ball to another bowl about 3 feet away (no hands!).  Very funny.  I can see kids getting a headache when they are done with this one!

Junk in the Trunk

The game starts with 8 ping pong balls inside an empty tissue box.  The box is tied to contestant’s back and they must jump around in order to get all the balls out of the box in a minute.   Also funny to watch!


Check out the video for insturctions.  The Jonas brother played with the plates on top of stools, but I think it would be easier if the plates were on the ground, especially for younger (smaller) kids.



This is a great one!  Contestant gets 18 MnM’s (6 each of Red, Green, and Yellow) underneath cups.  This was at the $125,000 level, so you might want to use less candies.  Check out Kevin Jonas tearing it up in this game:


That’s it for now!!

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