Monday Minute to Win It: Kids Try This At Home

Monday Minute to Win It: Kids Try This At Home

On this episode (Season 2, Episode 22),  a number of contestants compete for the big money!  Check out these games for your family time fun or children’s ministry!

Spare Me

Contestant must drop a marble down a pool noodle, sending it rolling across the floor and knocking down 10 upright markers (which are 16 feet away). Even though this was a level one game, both contestants seemed to have a really hard time with it, losing all three lives right off the bat! Might want to move those markers closer for children’s ministry!

Some super great minute to win it games for kids (quick prep, high energy!)

 Photo Credit: Flickr by by urbanbicyclist

Sticky Balls

In this challenge, the contestant must roll marbles across a flat surface in an attempt to get them to stick to double sided tape at the end of the table.  Too slow, the marble won’t make it.  Too fast, the marble will fall off the table.   This would be especially good for older kids or youth.

Face the Cookie

This is a classic Minute to Win It game we haven’t seen in awhile.  Both contestants have a cookie that they need to move from the forehead to the mouth using only their facial muscles.  They slammed this one out, and quick!  Of course, kids should love this one since it involves Oreos!

Winning with Oreos!

Flickr by Sophia

Puddle Jumper

Check out the video below for instructions.  This looks like a fun game for kids, as long as they don’t get any crazy ideas with the cups of water!

Egg Roll

Using a pizza box, the contestant must fan three eggs from a starting line to a red box across the playing arena.  Click on the game title for a youtube instruction video.

That’s it for now!

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