Monday Minute to Win It: Lakers in the Circle

Monday Minute to Win It: Lakers in the Circle

In Episode 18 of Season Two, the L.A. Lakers make an appearance on the Minute to Win it Show.  These basketball stars bring lots of energy with them to the show.  Here’s some great games you can play on family fun night or use in your Children’s Ministry:

Nice Build:

Contestants work as a team to build a pyramid out of 15 reams of copy paper.  Not too bad.  You could make it even easier using cereal boxes (just try to make them all the same size!)

Whipper Snapper:

Contestant uses a towel attached the floor to whip a ping pong ball across the room and into a trash basket.  Might be a little tough to secure the towel to the ground, depending on where you’re playing.  Duct tape perhaps?

Speed Eraser:

This game is explained in the Office Edition games.  In this episode, each contestant has six glasses to fill.

That’s it for this episode.  There were some tough games for these basketball stars.  Too tough for kids, I’m afraid.  Stay tuned for more game ideas next week!

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