Monday Minute to Win It: Law and Order

Monday Minute to Win It: Law and Order

There’s some great games in this episode (Season 2, episode 23) of NBC’s Minute to Win It.  Use them for some family fun or in your Children’s and Youth Ministries.

Tilt a Cup

Similar to the original game found in the Summer Edition post.  However, in this episode, the two contestants play as a team, with one bouncing the ball and the other catching in a cup.

Disco Drop

Player leans over a pencil (held solidly in place) and drops CD’s until one lands on the pencil.  This guy nailed in 15 seconds, using only 6 CD’s!  Might be a little tougher for kids, but sounds like a great idea for youth groups.

Marbles Grande

Check out the video for instructions.  This can be played as a team or with just one player and fewer red ping pong balls.


In this episode, players must work as a team, alternatively stacking 10 metal nuts on top of each other to win.   Besides the open opportunity for players to blame each other for losing, this might actually be a better way to play this game since each player has some time to get their next nut ready while the other stacks.  This power-house team did lose two lives on this game, but I think it’s still worth a try with your kids (just use fewer nuts).

Office Tennis

Check out the instructions in the Minute to Win It Office Edition post. Might be a little tough for younger kids, but preteens and teens should be able to handle it.

That’s it for now, folks.  Now, grab your stop watch and go have some fun!


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