Monday Minute to Win it: Mother’s Day Face-off

Monday Minute to Win it: Mother’s Day Face-off

In Episode #24 (Season 2) of this hit NBC game show, two mother-daughter teams will face off to win the million! This episode worked a little differently: first team to win four games banks $50,000 and goes on for the chance at the million. Let’s see what kind of games we can snag for children’s and youth ministry or some family fun nights!

Temper Tantrum

Check out Last Beauty Standing for the full instructions on this one.  A funny one to watch for sure!

Moving On Up

This is the first I’ve seen this game, and it looks perfect for a group competition.  Player must move the red cup (which starts at the bottom of a 50 cup stack) to the top of the stack by taking cups off the top and putting them below the red one.  Check out the video for a full explanation.  These players had to alternate hands, but you could nix that rule for children’s ministry (and you might want to reduce the number of cups too!) This was a tight race!!

Face the Cookie

Check out the Kids Try This at Home post for the explanation to this classic game.  This is a huge hit with kids.  When we played this last week with the kids at church, everyone was begging to be a contestant!

Noodling Around

Check out the video to see how to play.  Might be good for older kids, but it might be too tough for the little ones (unless you changed it to 2-3 Penne pastas)

This was a fun one to watch!  Catch it on hulu in the next few days (or anytime if you have Hulu Plus).  Hope you can use some of the games.  See you next time!

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