Monday Minute to Win it: NFL (part 2)

Monday Minute to Win it: NFL (part 2)

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The deadly duo continues to compete in part two of this football themed show.  Unfortunately, their reign was pretty short lived.  They are eliminated from the game within five minutes and a new cast of characters (two competing football players) are introduced. Here are some games from Episode 25 of NBC’s hit show, Minute to Win It, that you might be able to use for your ministry!

Bucket Head

Intense! Check out the video for instructions.  Tough to do, very funny to watch!   The guys on the show nailed it in 10 seconds.  Of course, they are NFL superstars.  You could always change it to 1-2 times instead of three times (to get the ball in the bucket).


Face the Cookie

These guys must have practice because they chomped those cookies down, using only the muscles in their face in 15 seconds! Check out the video for full instructions.


Hut Hut Hike

In this game, players must long snap not a football, but toilet paper, as if they are tossing it to the quarterback.  Instead of a teammate catching the TP though, there is a hoop contestants must throw the toilet paper through.  They have to do this a total of ten times.  Players go at the same time, so hopefully they don’t crash the flying paper into each other. You could easily have a couple helpers holding a hula hoop as the goal for this one.

Let me know if you’ve got Minute to Win it videos online so I can feature them on the blog.

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Watch the full Hulu episode here:

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