Monday Minute to Win It

Monday Minute to Win It

Looking for some quick games for family-time fun? Need some filler-activities that require only a few props that you can find around the house? Check out some of these great games from “Show Us the Blueprint” (Season 2, Episode 16).

Dizzy Mummy: Contestant must unroll an entire roll of toilet paper by spinning in circles.  If the toilet paper breaks at any time, the round is over.  On the show, the toilet paper is rigged up on a toilet paper holder, but you could a couple of helpers/spectators hold a roll on a broom stick (or something similiar).

Don’t Blow the Kings: The four kings are face-up under the pile of the rest of the deck of cards on a pedestal.  The object of the game is blow all the other cards off the pedestal without blowing off the kings.  A little tricky, but a great challenge for some of the older kids.

Got Your Back: Check out the video for instructions on this game. The guy on this show nailed it!  In case you don’t have four ping pong paddles laying around, you might also use smaller sized cereal boxes.

Flickr by by Chee Meng Au YongEgg Tower: This one is tougher than you might think.  Contestant must make a four-story by alternating eggs and paper towel rolls (empty).  To make this one a bit easier, you could use toilet paper rolls as well.

Pong5: In this game, you have to bounce 5 ping pong balls into a pint cup.   The contestants acted like this one was pretty tough, but the guy nailed it immediately, so it might be a good one to try!

Extreme Mini Stack Attack: In this game, the classic Stack Attack is taken up a notch.  Contestants must use mini cups and must stack the tower with one hand on top of a pizza box they are holding with their other hand!   This may be too tough for the inexperienced player.  Looks hard!!

That’s all for now, folks.  Tune in next Monday for more great games!

For those of you looking for the Blogger Challenge task, we’ll be moving that feature to Tuesdays for a bit so we can highlight Monday Minute to Win It.

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  1. Great post Lindsey! I am always on the lookout for great games and these were pretty cool. Thanks for the ideas.
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  2. o I love that show and such a great way to incorporate for the whole family!!

  3. It’s the little adjustments that create the most dramatic shift.