More Chocolate Milk, Please! {Faith Like a Child}

More Chocolate Milk, Please! {Faith Like a Child}

Recently I read a really good book.  I wish I could remember what the book was, because I would recommend it to you.  I think it was She’s Got Issues, but I can’t be sure.  Perhaps you could read that book anyway, just in case.

At any rate, in this really good book, the author encourages women to approach God with faith like a child.  Most of us have heard this before, but when you become a parent, the command, taken from Luke 18:17, takes on new depth.

For me, I’m thinking about my two year old daughter.  She asks for help with almost everything — a drink, a new shirt, getting a puzzle out, intervention from her 11 month old brother, another cup of chocolate milk (seriously, that’s like 4 cups, kid!).  She constantly wants to be near me and often asks me to hold her.   I don’t mean to brag, but the kid’s crazy about me.


And you know what, perhaps that’s how God wants us to be.  Utterly dependent and crazy about Him. Our faith in God is completely all about our relationship with Him.  When I think about how much I love my kids, I know it has to be the same way with God.

There’s something so heart-warming about little feet shuffling out the kitchen every morning, looking for a hug.  Longing for that hug.  Do I wake up with the same desire?  To be embraced by my heavenly Father?

Do I depend on God the same way Abigail depends on me?  Trusting Him to provide my daily needs?  Trusting Him to keep me safe?  Trusting that He knows what is best for my life?  What does that even look like as an adult?  Certainly, we don’t quit our jobs and just wait for tasty gourmet food to be delivered… so how do we manifest that “child-like faith” in every day living?

I read once (in an equally great book that I can’t remember the title of) that perhaps we live such comfortable lives that we never really need to trust God.  We’ve got everything taken care of.   So how do we fix that?  Move into a dangerous neighborhood?  Give away all our money?

What do you think?

In a land of great abundance, do we often have an opportunity to exercise a child-like faith?   And if not, what should we do about that?

Leave me a comment — I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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