More Minute to Win It Games!

More Minute to Win It Games!

The other day, I stumbled upon a great little book while exploring my grandma’s attic.  It had all kinds of family and party games and it contained some real gems — some of which would be great for the Minute to Win It style games.  I’ve shared a few of my findings below and be sure to check out Part One of this series too!

Clock (Minute to Win It Games)

Broomstick Balance

A bridge is made by laying a broomstick on the seats of two chairs a slight distance apart.  With the aid of a cane, the contestant seats herself on the broomstick and crosses her legs.  When she is nicely balanced, she tries to remove with the cane two hankies that have been hung on the back of the chairs behind him.  No falling allowed.

Sitting on the Broomstick

Flickr by Oliver H.

French Scissors Game

From a clothesline strung across the playing area (can be held up by two helpers), hang twenty small trinkets with string.  Blindfold the player, whirl her around, and give her a pair of blunt (safety) scissors.  She must cut down all the prizes in under one minute.  She cannot hang onto the clothesline with the free hand.

French Scissors Game

Ring Pan Ping Pong Toss

Set an angel-food cake tin (or bundt pan) on a table.  Players have a bucket of ping pong balls for this game.  Standing on the opposite end of the table from the cake tin (about 6 feet away), the contestant must toss or bounce the balls into the pan.  Balls in the outer ring get 5 points each and balls in the inner ring get 15 points.  Players must get 30 points in one minute.

Minute to Win it Fun!

Flickr by Esther Simpson


Similar to the game above.  A wastebasket is placed on a chair (small wastebasket).  A line is drawn about six feet away which the contestant stands behind.  The game is to bounce three balls into the wastebasket.  You can use ping pong balls or bouncy balls, depending on what kind of effect you’re going for.  Not as easy as it sounds!

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  1. Make sure to watch the summer premiere of Minute To Win It tomorrow night at 8pm on NBC!!

  2. Etienne says:

    my favorite one is Ring Pan Ping Pong Toss. anything related to ping pong balls is a easy game for me. cant wait till tomorrow!

  3. Sandra Edwards says:

    One of my church group’s favorite games is French Scissors. We always finish with this game. Can’t wait for new episodes tonight!!!!!!

  4. Just caught a little bit of last night’s episode “Summer” theme. Looked like some great games!

  5. Broyhill Furniture says:

    Thanks for this article, it was great to read.

  6. Simone Tohl says:

    Be sure to tune in tonight for the hottest episode of Minute To Win It! The Girls of Summer games continue to sizzle as two rivals from opposite coasts do battle for the million. It’s ALL NEW tonight at 8/7c!

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