More Minute to Win It for Church (Easy Games for Kids and Families)

More Minute to Win It for Church (Easy Games for Kids and Families)

Recently, we did a Family Event using the Minute to Win It Games.  To see how it went, check out the Original Post for tips and more! Also check out Free CM Stuff for helpful comments about running an event like this.

More Games

Our Minute to Win It Event was such a hit, we’re planning on doing it again in a few months. (Update: Check out our Back to School Bash, Minute to Win It style)  I was browsing through a little book I found in my grandma’s attic (Great Games for All Ages), and found a few more games that would be perfect for the event.

Cotton Bowl

Set a large bowl (clear is best) on a small table.  Sprinkle small cotton balls around the empty bowl.  Blindfold the player and hand them a wooden spoon.  At the signal, they must try to scoop cotton balls into the bowl (without being able to see!)  Player must get at least 10 (or more for higher levels) into the bowl before a minute is up.

Bean on a Straw

I think they might have a game similiar to this on the Minute to Win it website, but if you wanted to mix things up a bit, here you go!  A small pile of bean is placed on a table in front of contestant, who is given a straw.  At the signal, he sucks a bean onto the end of the straw, runs a designated distance and deposits the bean in a glass.  He must do this with 30 beans in a minute (more or less for different levels).


This is a little variation the Wash Day Relay Game found in “Games for All Ages”.   A laundry basket is placed on one side of the playing arena and a clothes line at the other (can be strung up between two ladders or something).  Player must take clothes out of the laundry basket and clothespin them up in a specific order (i.e. undershirt, shirt, shorts, pants, socks, pajamas, hat, shirt, skirt, nylons).  He cannot bring the basket to the clothes line.  He must run back and forth and only take one article of clothing at a time.

Flickr by reserved by Valentina*

Feather, Feather

A feather is laid on the floor at one end of the playing arena.  The contestant has to blow the feather, progressing on his hands and knees as he blow the feather to the goal line (and back if you want to make it really tough!) Check out the video below to see this game in action!


A fish is cut out of tissue paper and contestant is given a piece of cardboard.  Paper fish is laid on the ground and contestant must fan the fish (similar to Egg Roll) to the other side of the arena and get it inside the red box.  This is funny because the “fish” flops in all kinds of unpredictable ways.

Fish Game

Egg Run

Player is given a spoon to hold in his mouth.  A egg is placed on the ground (hard boiled) in front of him.  He must stoop down, get the egg onto his spoon without using his hands, stand up, travel to the other side of the arena, return to the starting place and return the egg to its starting position.

Egg on a Spoon Game (And more minute to win it style games!)

Ring Pan Toss

In this game, kids stand a few feet away from a bundt pan that is on the floor.  Player tosses ping pong balls towards the pan, hoping to get inside. Inside the ring equals 10 points and landing right on the inner ring equals 50 points.  The object is to get 50 points in a minute.

Ring Pan Toss and Other Easy Games to Play with Kids


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  1. Sandra Edwards says:

    Thanks for the post Lindsey! Playing Minute to Win It games at Church is such a great idea! I’m including the games this year for Vacation Bible School. The new episodes come out on July 7th, so I can get more ideas for games. It’s going to be a blast!

  2. Etienne says:

    Minute to Win it games are the best for youth group meetings as well. Can’t wait to see the new games they have in store on the season premiere july 7th!!! WAHOO

  3. Lindsey says:

    I had no idea the season premiere was coming up — thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to catch it for sure!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Yeah, they would be great for Vacation Bible School as well — what theme are you guys doing this year?

  5. Awesome! So fun! What a great way to create family memories!

  6. Cool blog dude.

  7. Great posts. I will come back to this blog on the regular.


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