Moses Craft and Activities for Kids (Exodus)

Moses Craft and Activities for Kids (Exodus)

Moses is one of my favorite people from Bible times.  Perhaps because his life was an adventure from the start.  Perhaps because despite his cowardice and perceived limitations, God turned him into an inspiration and amazing leader.
Moses Puzzle
During a recent Kids’ Club program, we took a closer look at the life of Moses. Here’s some details from the class!

Large Group

During lesson time, I used the flashcards from 1 + 1 + 1.  I laminated them ahead of time and asked kids if they recall any of the plagues. As they named the plagues, I laid the cards out on the floor for the kids to see (we use Easy Risers, so it was easy for everyone to see). If you don’t want to put them on the floor, you can also use clothespins to display them on a line.
When we got to the final plague, I used a giant cardboard box to represent a door. I spoke quieter and tried to convey the seriousness of the 10th plague.  The plague that broke the heart of Pharaoh and all around him.   I explained that the Israelites were to put the blood of a lamb on the sides and over the top of the door so that the angel of death would pass over that house.  As I spoke, I painted red paint onto the cardboard box.  I’m sure the kids knew it wasn’t real blood, but seeing the red dripping on that box really quieted the crowd.

Main Idea

The main point of our lesson was that God fights for us (lesson was taken from God in Action VBS) and this point proved true not only with the Passover but also when the Israelites were caught between Pharaoh’s army and the red sea.  It is an action packed lesson and one that demonstrates the might of God in a powerful way.

Small Group Crafts and Activities

Plagues Display

Divide your kids up into groups and have each group make a display for the one of the plagues.  Encourage them to use mixed media and provide a wide array of supplies including stickers, fabric, markers, glue, and construction paper.

Burning Bush

Recreate the burning bush with tissue paper and a coloring page.  I found two good options at Coloring Pages and Truth for Children.  We’ve also done with option with the Tiny Tots class and in our Children’s Church class with a What’s in the Bible coloring page.

Felt People

Purchase a set of these amazing felt people and have a group of kids recreate the story with the pieces.  If they are especially enthusiastic, video record their reenactment and show it the next week as a review.

Coloring Pages

If you want to focus on the beginning of Moses’ life, grab this baby picture from Coloring Pages and let the kids color.  If you have reeds or straw near your church, it might be fun to glue some onto the picture for a more 3-D effect.

Finger Puppets

Grab some plague themed finger puppets over at Tori Avey blog. Beware though that this site uses the traditional Jewish interpretation of the 4th plaugue as the Plague of Wild Animals.

10 Plagues Finger Puppets

Word Puzzles

For the word lovers in your group, you can find a great crossword puzzle over at Church house puzzles.

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