Top 10 Posts of 2016 on Growing Kids Ministry

Top 10 Posts of 2016 on Growing Kids Ministry

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for our family!  Between making some big decisions about schooling and battling through a cancer diagnosis, we’ve been learning a whole new way of living life.  Through it all though, I have been constantly amazed by God’s provision and the way that He has shown us kindness through the actions of others.   I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to the blog (I have another project in the works though — stay tuned!), but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things when treatment is over in February.  In the meantime, here are the TOP TEN most popular posts of 2016.

#10 Children’s Catechism: God’s Glory

Glory to God Lesson for Kids

A few years back, we made our way through the (Protestant) catechism and had a great time doing it.  One lesson, glorifying God with my actions, seemed to really resonate with readers.  Read all about it here.

#9 Introduction to Prophecy

Prophecy Lesson for Kids

The books of prophecy are a little tricky, because even though they are all grouped together in the back of the Old Testament, they actually occurred interspersed between many of the historical books.  This post helps piece together where the prophets were in history and the messages they had for God’s people.  


#8 Ten Great Places to Find Free Curriculum

Free Children's Ministry Curriculum

Whether you’re looking for a short term fix or a long-term solution, sometimes free is the only thing the budget allows. Thankfully, there are some great materials out there to use that won’t make a dent in the bank account!  Check out this post for 10 great places to find free curriculum.  

#7 Daniel and the Lion’s Den: Activities and Crafts

Daniel and the Lion's Den: Crafts and Activities for Kids

This post focuses a lot on prayer and a lot on lions (naturally!).  Hop on over to grab some ideas for your own lesson.

#6 Indoor Active Games for Kids

Indoor Active Games for Kids

If your weather is anything like mine — you’re going to need some energy burning games for kids this winter!  This post is full of ideas to get the kids in your group running and jumping and having some fun!

#5 Reverse Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt for Teens

Think the kids are getting too older for a traditional Easter Egg hunt?  Think again! With this fun twist on a classic activity, kids and teens will be racing to compete and complete this fun Easter egg hunt.

#4 Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas to brighten the halls of your church during the dreary winter months?  Jump on over to this post to browse some great winter themed bulletin boards as well as some ideas that can be used throughout the year as well.

#3 Weird Animal Vacation Bible School Decorations

Weird Animal VBS Ideas

It seems the pendulum has swung in every direction on the VBS debate. The popularity of this post seems to indicate that the summertime tradition is alive and well.  Whether you are looking for decorating ideas for a themed party or a full-blown event, you’ll be sure to snatch up at least a little inspiration from the pictures featured in this post.  

#2 Good Thoughts and Bad Thoughts

Good Thought and Bad Thoughts: An Object Lesson

This lesson uses Kool-Aid to show kids the importance of keeping bad thoughts out of our heads.  It’s a great object lesson and lots of fun to teach.  Read all about it here.

#1 Minute to Win it Posts

Minute to Win It

No surprise here!  The minute to win it games continue to climb to the top, and why wouldn’t they?  They are a breeze to set up and tons of fun to play.  Perfect for Children’s Ministry, family gatherings, classroom parties and more!   The most popular post of this series was Minute to Win it For Church.

That’s it for now!  Did your favorite post make the list?

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  1. Victoria Griffin says:

    Thanks for the game ideas. My kids love Minute to Win It games. Lots of great ones to choose from.

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