Mr. Good and Mr. Bad Attitude: Teaching Beatitudes to Kids

Mr. Good and Mr. Bad Attitude: Teaching Beatitudes to Kids

BeAttitude Lesson   Recently, we had the opportunity to try Lifeway’s new Bible Studies for Life curriculum out in our Children’s Church program.   The lesson was on Matthew 5 (The BeAttitude) and I was a little concerned about teaching this concept to a group of mainly Kindergarten kids.  Our Children’s Church program ranges from ages 4-9 but currently, we have a pretty heavy pre-K and K population, so I’m always having to adjust the lesson to be simple, attention grabbing and fun.  About 4 months ago, we were mostly 9 year olds, but they have moved onto the next class and I’m scrambling to adjust my teaching style!  Fortunately,  there was PLENTY of material in this lesson to choose from.    Want to see what we did?

Memory Verse with Motions

To begin the day, we created hand motions for our memory verse, James 4:10.  This was my first attempt at making motions with the kids, and I have to attempt, I thought I was going to hear some complaining.  I was shocked at how excited and engaged the kids were with this activity!  We practiced at least four times and I have to admit the verse has stuck in my head, so I hope it did the same for the kids!   Once, one of my small group leaders did a similar activity with his kids, but he took pictures and made slides out of the action words (check it out here!)

Mr. Bad Attitude and Mr. Good Attitude

Next, we put up paper plate with a good attitude face and a bad attitude face.  I hung the plates on opposites sides of the room and together we came up with some actions or attitudes and then placed them under the appropriate face.  I love that this curriculum involves kids in simple ways — enough to get them up and engaged in the lesson, but not so much that things quickly spiral out of control.



Mr. Bad Attitude

Mr. Good Attitude

Mr. Good Attitude

The kids put the words up under the plates, and I was surprised at their penchant for symmetry!

I Can Have a Good Attitude Anywhere!

I loved the next suggestion in the curriculum — having kids draw scenery and then using a stick puppet to act out a good attitude in that place.  I asked for suggestions and then wrote the title at the bottom of the page and gave it to the child who suggested it.  Even though it took a little longer this way, I think it was better than passing out blank papers and letting them go at it.  I imagine I would have gotten a lot of “I can’t think of anything! ” or “What are we supposed to do again?”


Hard at work!

After all the pictures were complete (gave them about 6 minutes to work), I collected them.  I picked a picture and then drew a name via my new Popsicle stick method for the person who would be doing the acting.  I made a quick puppet from scissors and then gave the kids an opening scenario.  Their job was to have Mr. or Mrs. Scissor react with a GOOD ATTITUDE and then we would all yell as a class, “Good Attitude!”

Mr. Good Attitude

After class, I hung all the scenes in the hallway for the parents and other passer-bys to see.


Big picture view!


I Can Have a Good Attitude Anywhere!

Good Attitude

I just love these pictures!!

I have to say, I LOVED this lesson.  I used the lower level lesson (I think K-2nd) and it was a perfect fit for my group.  It introduced the concept of the beattitudes (an attitude is something we need help from God with) but didn’t weigh the class down with the “blessed are those” details.   I didn’t get a chance to use the videos, and I’m not crazy about the music that goes with the lesson, but the material itself is great.  We don’t do a lot of media in Children’s Church (that’s more for our midweek group), so the media stuff isn’t a deal breaker for me.

Bible Studies for Life  is a “family” of material for all age groups that’s designed to align the biblical concepts your kids, students, and adults are studying each week. And because it is age-specific, it also works great as a stand alone resource. Be sure to check out this write up and GIVEAWAY from Bible Studies for Life over at Ministry to Children!   Head to the Bible Studies for Life website to view some webcasts and find more details about the curriculum!


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