My Awesome God Bible: Review and Giveaway!

My Awesome God Bible: Review and Giveaway!

I had the privilege of reviewing “My Awesome God Bible Storybook” by DiscipleLand recently, and here’s what I thought:

What’s Good:

  • The illustrations were lively and interesting.  They were very modern and could easily keep a reader engaged.
  • In many instances, these pictures really brought the story to life. For instance, Abraham and Sarah look seriously old (p32) when Isaac was born (which they were!).  It’s nice to have a storybook illustration finally portray this.
  • This Bible included some lesser known, but important stories from the Bible, such as Rahab, Achan, Saul’s wrongful offering to the Lord, and passages from Nehemiah and Ezra. Even the mention of Cain and Abel is missing in many Bible storybooks, but it was included here.
  • I also liked the fact that My Awesome God Bible included some of the Psalms and almost the whole book of Acts. And THANK YOU for including Paul’s letters — it was a perfect approach for a storybook Bible, including the main points of the letters in an actual letter form.  It’s so hard when we turn to one of these passages in a “real Bible” during lesson time and our preschoolers with storybook Bible don’t have anything to turn to because the book isn’t even represented.  I’m really glad to see this isn’t the case in this version.
  • For some of the more common stories, page after page wasn’t devoted to the details.  For example, I’ve never understood why every day in creation and every single plague needed their own page while some very important books of the Bible or stories got completely skipped.  This storybook Bible condenses these typically drawn out stories to only a few pages, without skimping on important facts.
  • Some commonly misrepresented stories were correct in this Bible.  For example, Adam and Eve ate some unidentifiable fruit instead of an apple (finally!) and the wise men gave gifts to a walking toddler, not a baby in the manger.

What’s Not So Good:

  • Sometimes inferences are made that are not directly from Scripture, such as a person’s thoughts, motives, or feelings. For example, how do the authors know that Mary, mother of Jesus, was a very good housekeeper (p217).
  • Transitions in this book were very shaky.  It was often difficult to tell where one story ended and other began.  The reader has to do a double take to realize they’ve moved onto another story or another time-frame. Many people in the Bible were mentioned without any introduction or background information.  For a kid reading, this could be confusing.   (This happens quite a few times in this book).
  • Almost everyone in this book was super attractive, well-built, muscular, and well-groomed.  Even Job didn’t look so bad in the midst of his struggles.  Neither did the the lame man who apparently was able to work out quite a bit in his condition.  Not only is this unrealistic, but don’t our kids get enough of the “perfect body” imagery from the media already?

Um… I’m not Sure About…

  • A few of the illustrations were clearly not biblical, like the umbrella on Noah’s ship,the man using a kiln in the middle of the desert (p67), or the king’s men eating pizza and hot dogs at a banquet (p187). Also, there were weird little animals like lizards, turtles and mice everywhere. These quirky additions were probably meant to bring some modern relevance to the story or a smile to the reading adult, but I’m just not so sure about it.  I know we have to be really careful about what  we present to children.  Often, they have difficultly discerning the difference between real and imaginary, and I would hate for their first exposure to God’s Word to be full of false pictures.

Final Take

Great, great, great additional to any Children’s Ministry leader’s library.  Also, great thing for parents to pick up for their kids.  All in all, it’s pretty accurate and gives a great overview of the Bible.  I’ve been a big fan of the Read and Share Bible for some time, but I have found myself switching back and forth frequently between that and My Awesome God Bible during “The Big Story” story time program we’ve been running on Wednesday nights.  If you haven’t picked up a storybook Bible for your preschooler yet, this would be  a great book to invest in.

Time to Win!

Thanks to, I’ve got three copies to give away to readers!  Here’s how to enter (you get one entry for each comment):

  1. Leave a comment, telling me what your favorite Bible story is.
  2. Follow me (@lrwhitney) on twitter and then leave a comment letting me know you did so.
  3. Like Growing Kids Ministry on Facebook and then leave a comment letting me know.
  4. Like DiscipleLand on Facebook and then leave a comment letting me know.
  5. Send me a Starbucks card (this will count as 10 entries) .  🙂
  6. Contest ends July 20th.

Interested in buying one for yourself or ministry?  Head on over to DiscipleLand and pick one up for $19.95.

WINNERS: Michelle, Rachel and Pam!  I’ll be contacting you soon!

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  1. Rachel Crowley says:

    My favorite Bible story…I have always loved the battle of Ai in Joshua chapter 8. As a kid because it was a gory bloody victory for the good guys. As an adult for the contrast between personal disobedience in chapter 7 and corporate obedience in chapter 8–both Achan and the King of Ai have a heap of stones over them testifying to the holiness and faithfulness of God.

  2. Rachel Crowley says:

    I follow you on twitter (and retweeted your giveaway). I don’t do facebook though, sorry, too many time-sucks in my life already 🙂 Thank you so much for your giveaway, I just read your review the other day and had left the tab open to research more when I had a minute, always looking for some good resources!

  3. Vanessa says:

    It is hard to choose just one – but I have always really like the story of Jesus walking on water. We have to keep our eyes on Him!

  4. I clicked “Like” on FB. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  5. Michelle Castle says:

    My favorite Bible story is the prodigal of the lost son.

    I followed you on Twitter and liked Growing Kids Ministry and Discipleland on Facebook.

  6. Thanks Michelle. Feel free to leave separate comments, so you can get an entry for each thing.

  7. Deidra Floyd says:

    My fav Bible story is Daniel in the lion’s den.

  8. Deidra Floyd says:

    I liked DiscipleLand on FB.

  9. Favorite Bible Story is Elijah with the false prophets building an altar and calling on their god to no avail, the Elijah calls on the One True God who delivers. Fun story to tell and have the kids act out.

  10. I follow you on Twitter, that’s how I found out about the giveaway 🙂

  11. I just told the world that I “like” you on FaceBook

  12. I just “liked” DiscipleLand on FB as well….

  13. Starbucks card is on the way j/k – but you do deserve one 🙂

  14. Thanks for the thought, Bill!

  15. David and Goliath would have to be my favorite Bible story!

  16. Miranda Valentini says:

    Favourite Bible Story is probably Ruth and Naomi. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win!

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