Children’s Ministry Workers: Consider Your Spouse

Recently I was listening to Children’s Ministry Monthly podcast (from a long time ago–I’m trying to listen to all the old ones). It was entitled “The Children’s Pastor’s Wife” At first, I thought it might not be too applicable since I’m the wife in the relationship and the “Children’s Pastor” — even though I’m not a pastor or anything like that. But you get the idea. However, you can always glean a little something, so I listened on.

About halfway through the podcast, James and his wife, Jennifer recount a story about a Child Evangelist who was speaking at a Children’s Ministry camp. The speaker has a glitch with his prop and he ends up yelling at his wife in front of hundreds of people about how she set it up wrong. Clearly, the guy was embarrassed and he was trying to save some face, but this was not the way to do it.

Immediately, I realized I do the same thing on a much smaller scale. I quickly seize opportunities to pass the buck onto my husband when things aren’t quite up to par… “Oh, —- was supposed to set that up”. ” —-, why didn’t you bring that?!” I know I can quickly get short with my ever helpful husband when he’s really doing much more than required. James and Jennifer subscribe to the idea that the Children’s Ministry Director’s spouse should be no more and no less involved than any other member of the congregation. Let me be the first to say, my husband is doing more than his share when it comes to Children’s Ministry. And I am grateful. He is a tremendous help: filling in for absent team members, running for supplies, picking kids up, staying for meetings, filling in for nursery, etc, etc, ETC. And too often, I don’t appreciate him enough.

Let’s remember to thank our spouses today — they are doing quite a bit, I’m sure, and often not getting enough credit for it. Check out the clip from the podcast and let’s remember to respect our spouses. They are an incredible support and need to be appreciated as such. So, Thank You Honey! I appreciate you!

Listen to full podcast

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