N is for Nest (Preschool Alphabet Activity)

N is for Nest (Preschool Alphabet Activity)

This is a high sensory activity we did right after Easter last year, but you could do it any time of the year.

You’ll need some basket grass and some playdough (we made our own).  We used brown since many birds use mud to hold their nests together.

Packing Grass Nests

To begin, encourage kids to form a little bowl with the playdough. If you have very little ones, you might want to give them a bowl to press the dough into.
Packing Grass Nests (6)

Once the dough is in a small bowl shape, add the basket grass, moving it around until it resembles a nest.   We had these tissue paper egg birds left from Easter, so we put them in the nest, but it isn’t essential.

Once the dough has hardened a little, remove it from the bowl (if you used one) and display with pride!

N is for Nest (Preschool Alphabet Activity)

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Packing Grass Nests (11)

Lovely looking nest!

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